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Organectomy - Domain of the Wretched Award winner

Domain of the Wretched
by Kayla Hutton at 16 April 2018, 11:06 AM

ORGANECTOMY has signed with Unique Leader Records. On May 11th, 2018 the bands self-recorded release of "Domain of the Wretched" will be re-issued and unleashed upon the Earth. Formed in 2010, from Christchurch City, NZ, ORGANECTOMY has been given a new sub-genre to assist in describing their sound. "Slammin' Death Metal." Once I made into the albums 3rd track "Beckoning the Horror's of the Depths", I now understand. It's referring to the tempo in which the tornado of the pit slows down and everyone has that sort of slow lowered walk to them. Then the punch in the chest. It's the best way to really make everything sound thick and heavy. Subtle low-end chops that build up strength and become as volatile as a bomb ready to explode.

ORGANECTOMY's vocal tonal qualities are similar to SUFFOCATION, that "yyyyeeeeeeerrrrr" rather than "oooooooo" sound. The drum sound is audibly exciting. The kicks are clean and any double kicked bass drums are felt as deep yet heard in the highs as well. Same for the snare, having a great pop, yet packing a low-end punch you more so feel than hear. Both guitars are mixed wonderfully and easy to identify actual note changes. The audio quality is top notch which is hit or miss on most death metal albums. 60% typically lean more towards the wall of noise type of production.

"Inherent Revulsion" grabbed my face and thrust me back into my seat. A quick drum roll in and then its pedal to the metal and balls to the wall. It's hard not to smile when greeted with such brutality that gives you urges to rip through something with your teeth, hit any object as if it were a drum kit, and actually feel those little hairs on the back of your neck rise.The rhythm of the verse chops a few time then jumps into machine gun blasts. Right, when I thought it was over I heard a guitar on my right speaker alone followed by a couple of cymbals taps then right back into a slowed soundtrack for any scene of total destruction.

Right after that joyous, violent, adrenaline magnet comes a shockingly dark and bluesy, clean, slowed tempo "Cascading into Despair." This was unexpected. This song displays an artistic ability to paint the perfect songasm. It didn't take long from what I thought was going to be a more doom direction track until….wait for it …. the technical picking off the lowest of strings on each instrument perfectly synced with the kick drum and accented by a china cymbal hit on the upbeat rather than the down. Unpredictable chops placed behind the occasional open high notes from the guitar.

Musically these guys are just absolutely on top of it. There isn't a hole anywhere. The 808's are well planted and filled my car with audible clarity and a visible rattle (and the guy next to me felt it too). The skill level, the production, and presentation of ORGANECTOMY is more pro than a lot of pros. And as an extra treat "Sanctum of Deceit" features Vin Minchington of PLAGUE OF THE FALLEN on guest vocals.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Eons of Unyielding Darkness
2. Sanctum of Deceit
3. Beckoning the Horrors of the Depths
4. Intracranial Incubation
5. Archaic Infestation
6. Carnal Bloodlust
7. Terror Form
8. Inherent Revulsion
9. Cascading into Despair
10. Domain of the Wretched
11. Entropic Decay
Alex Paul - Vocals
Tyler Jordan - Bass
Jae Hulbert - Drums
Sam McRobert - Guitar
Ashton Moore - Guitar
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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