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Orgg - Dimonios

by Andrew Harvey at 14 August 2022, 3:42 AM

Black metal outfit act ORGG have been around for the past few years since 2018 as they produced their first album titled THE GREAT WHITE WAR in 2020, dedicating this album to those who fought and/or survived the First World War. In terms of their lineup the band is led by L. on vocals, VULAK on electric guitar, IBLIS A.G. on bass guitar, OSTEN on keys/synths/lyrics plus a special guest appearance by DAVID FOLCHITTO on drums. Both OSTEN and IBLIS A.G. comes from being members of MILVUS as does guitarist VULAK but other bands these members have been in include RAVEN LEGACY, FUNERAL ORATION, VELCH and ELHAZ NORSE. Their second album DIMONIOS featuring DAVID FOLCHITTO on drums is certainly a great addition as it is released independently by the band, but the CD format will be released in the coming months through Eternal Winter Records.

The album follows on from events during WWI which occurred in the DOLOMITES region between Italy and Austro-Hungarian Empire. The album sets off with “1917” as a mesmerising, echo of piano is heard before a slow but clear march of snare drum to other sound effects. The dark abyss of piano with sounds of gunfire bring us into the next track “A Darker Shade” as cymbal smash with bouncing guitar riffs. Satanic vocals grinding its teeth as the vocals retain a bleak, cutting-edge tone full of character. Drums have a contrast from slower patterns but transitioning to faster blast beats when it is required. Guitar sustains later on as drums propel the quicker hits and are targeted throughout this section of the track.

The next track we have is “Die Eisstadt” punching through with drums and they do ascend into blast beats as vocals take a deep breath. Filth and absurd sound as drums or guitar carry this track in full motion. There is no hesitation or time for a break as the track retains its endurance and stamina for more mass hysteria. “Dimonios” also builds on top of the consistent drum patterns as the guitar is on autopilot as vocals come and go as before. Drums engaging in combat as it thrashes and slices through. Drums and guitar interject with one another to bring us into the next track which is “Feral War”. Slow melodic guitar as drums creep in on its tiptoes at first as guitar picks up the pace. Guitar still pulls back as it’s more reserved as drums are well orchestrated as they keep the black metal continuity going.

Vocals merely say too much but they grind their teeth and speak in the satanic or occult manner. “Tanna” has even tempo drums going at a comfortable pace as vocals repeat the nasty, deadly tone. Halfway through drums do pulsate more and more as vocals growl vigorously. Drum projecting cymbal hits, one after another as a heavy thrash rhythm ignites but slows down as we approach the next track. “Ashes” follows up as the seventh track as drums and guitar are on another long discord sustained with guitar but drums play along until guitar bows out briefly. Another short phase of quicker blast beats then guitar gives the nod to drums to rejoin in the action. As we approach the next track we begin to reach the end, “Aurona” also a variable track with drums setting the tone or speed.

Drums improvise and get creative as electric guitar joins in pursuit to get to the final track. “A Testament” pounding in waves of drum beats and electric guitar on fire as metallic madness ensues as vocals speak violently. Guitar varies in pitch but ringing out its harmonics too as we hear themes relating back to WWI. A region where war is raging and soldiers take up arms represented by guitar and drums mostly. An explosion is heard too as the sonic effects finish the album. There is so much I enjoyed for a black metal band the themes certainly stood out and were well portrayed as the instrumentation was well produced. I wonder what the next release will be like, who knows, we will have to wait and see, especially if the band sticks with the same themes as before.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. 1917
2. A Darker Shade
3. Die Eisstadt
4. Dimonios
5. Feral War
6. Tanna
7. Ashes
8. Aurona
9. A Testament
L. - Vocals
Vulak - Guitars
Iblis A.G. - Bass Guitar
Osten - Keyboards, Songwriting and Synths
David Folchitto - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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