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Origin - Entity Award winner

by Nikos Makropoulos at 09 June 2011, 10:21 PM

Probably the most unique and technically brutal band of the death metal landscape has returned to gain their well-deserved position as leaders of their own genre, which has many followers (Brain Drill, Viraemia), redefining the Origin of everything, and leaving speechless all those who claimed their mastery. The anticipation has finally ended ladies and germs and the Kansas-based quartet has released their fifth album called "Entity".

The band is at its best shape ever. Tighter and more mature than ever, they released a variation of tunes that defines their trademark sound and status without losing an inch of their strength and skills, giving us a mind trip which will never be forgotten. From the first notes of "Expulsion of Fury" you can easily understand what you have to deal with: the well- known guitar playing style of Paul Ryan but from a different perspective, more technical and inspired than ever, but simultaneously time so well pointed, with hyper-fast riffs and killer arpeggios which will surely blow your mind.

Drummer John Longstreth is one of the most high pitched and on the-edge drummers at this moment, whose skills are well shown in every second of this release: variety of blast-beats, clever and really well-put double-bass, simply one of the best but least known drummers.

"Saliga" and "Consequence of Solution" are the head-crown of "Entity", despite their length (6:52 min and 7:10 min), proving wrong those who think that brutal death metal can't have songs with a play-length over 3 minutes. Fully inspired, without being boring and on the highest level of technique, these songs will lead the way to a new approach of brutal death metal song writing.

"Committed" would easily be considered as the band’s tribute to their former label-mates Cephalic Carnage and the 1:42 min "Banishing Illusion" is the band’s homage to the old-school grind core influences.

The long anticipated release of Entity will satisfy all their fans giving them a big pleasure-smile. The rest should give yourselves  a chance to listen to a death metal masterpiece and be familiar to the world and high skilled music of the Origin.

Thumbs Up!

5 Star Rating

1. Expulsion Of Fury
2. Purgatory
3. Conceiving Death
4. Swarm
5. Saliga
6. The Descent
7. Fornever
8. Committed
9. Banishing Illusion
10. Consequence Of Solution
11. Evolution Of Extinction
12. You Fail!
Paul Ryan – Guitar, Vocals
John Longstreth – Drums
Mike Flores – Bass, Vocals
Jason Keyser - Vocals
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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