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Origin - Omnipresent

by Tom Colyer at 28 July 2014, 3:38 PM

Oh Death Metal, how you have sung to me over the years with your sweet lullaby of misanthropy and malignancy.  No matter what, you have complimented my moods and augmented my state of mind on so many occasions.  Without you, I fear that I would have been permanently ensnared by the mediocrity of Nu-Metal and weighed down with the flamboyancy of Black Metal, not to mention being outright shamed by a guilty enjoyment of Baby Metal.

Shit, I wasn't supposed to admit that.

Oh Death Metal, you remind me that no matter who you are or what your beliefs may be, if you don't listen to only the heaviest of Metals then your opinion is void and people will simply ignore you like a bad fart that nobody wants to own up to.

It is a shame that this kind of mentality makes such a wonderful and interesting genre so inaccessible to new comers and people that can't name the most obscure Baphomet song or play any Dying Fetus on guitar.  It is a shame because there are bands like Origin out there that make music which can not only melt the face from an unwary Tiger but can also contain such brutal beauty as to inspire a singular tear of pure masculine joy.

The sixth full length album from these Kansas based maniacs is “Omnipresent”, a now familiar high velocity voyage through the burning realms of super speedy triplets and shredding, blast beats and demonic vocals.  Death Metal has never been a genre known for breaking the mould or redefining boundaries and by George that's not going to change now.  The tried and tested formula is hard at work in this latest incarnation and fans of the style will not be let down.  New vocalist Jason Keyser does not disappoint and his vocals in fact come through clearer and with more raw power behind them than those of recent front men James Lee  and Mica Meneke.  The songs seem to blend into one over-arching theme occasionally and it was only after 10 minutes or so that I realised that I had listened to 4 separate songs.

The guitar work is beautiful and although violent, at times it is melodious and enchanting.  I was pleasantly surprised when Continuum began to play and I had the clear sense of traversing an inter-dimensional wormhole through space and time to some alien destination that held untold riches and pleasures that no mortal man had ever set eyes upon.  Although a little sloppy at points, this guitar section held my hand and the warm synths embraced me as I heard another race of sentient beings welcome me to their home within the stars.  It was not long however before I was being repeatedly punched in the face by an angry and abusive space crocodile whilst being thrown back through the aforementioned wormhole and crashing down painfully on Terra-firma.

Overall, this is an album that die-hard brutalists will appreciate and fans of Origin shouldn't be disappointed.  If you are a new-comer to the world of Death Metal then listen to this and impress all of your new friends with your knowledge of this elusive and exclusive realm of musical mayhem.

4 Star Rating

1. All Things Dead
3. Permanence
4. Manifest Desolate
5. Absurdity of What I Am
6. Source of Icon O
7. Continuum
8. Unattainable Zero
9. Redistribution of Filth
10. Obsolescence
11. Malthusian Collapse
12. The Indiscriminate
13. Kill Yourself (S.O.D. cover song)
Paul Ryan – Guitar
John Longstreth – Drums
Mike Flores – Bass
Jason Keyser - Vocals
Record Label: Agonia Records


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