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Orion – On The Banks Of Rubicon Award winner

On The Banks Of Rubicon
by OverlyMetalJames at 12 December 2014, 1:07 PM

Greetings earthlings and headbangers all over the world; I bring a review of another masterpiece of brutality! This release was one that really caught on with me as a death metal fan, I listened to it a few times over the week I had to be set for this review and my own words would never do it justice as to how talented ORION really are. With influences such as DEATH, OPETH, NECROPHAGIST, GOJIRA, PERIPHERY, PROTEST THE HERO, SCRIBE, BHAYANAK MAUT, DEMONIC RESURRECTION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, ORION are one of those bands that has everything for everyone, and the fact they are from Mumbai is astounding!

Their second EP, “On The Banks Of Rubicon” re-released in 2014 is packed full of riffs superb structured songs great musicianship. The four songs each have a sound that defines them as a band if you get what I mean and the opening track says a lot about their influences for sure

The record opens up with “Oh Sweet Ebullition” which is consists of a mixture of DREAM THEATRE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION. This song is riddled with blast-beats, double bass, practically everything for a death metal fan and the melody is powerful and bleeds beauty. Vigneshkumar is a powerhouse of a musician and his pipes are plagued with serious power. The track certainly delivers a mix of brutality and progression with aggression and arguably the best song on the record, the ending chorus is powerful and beautiful.

“Devoured Existence” is very similar to DEATH's "Spiritual Healing"; The Father Of Death Metal would be proud of this one if he were still alive, I am in love with this EP so much I would happily sleep with it like you would with a teddy bear. It's that majestic. The solos on this album are amazing and are full of superb musicianship; it's clear to me these titans have untouchable chemistry

We’ve now hit one of the most surprising in death metal which kicks you right in your nutsack. “Astral” is packed full of heaviness and a great deal of melody; whoever is doing the clean vocals on this is a god and needs to be given metal-voice-of-the-year award because this is one of the most beautifully crafted songs ever given birth to. I love this combo of heavy to clean in this song ever so much, it sounds powerful for sure as it gives you this feeling you can’t describe; a positive feeling but you can’t really word it; that therefore is why “Astral” is a classic!

For the finisher of this record I have to say the most intricate on the guitar side of things is “My Dying Prayer”. Its very NECROPHAGIST and packs a brutal punch like being belted in the face by Superman speeding from the blue sun of Krypton. Pritesh the drummer is a superb talent really gives his efforts on this entire EP and the finisher song itself.  I have to say there really is not that many new bands out there today that are popping out like ORION, SATHAMEL and GOREHEAD that just come out of nowhere and rip your head off, just look at the following: EXXXEKUTIONER and THE THREAT have unique sound that sounds different to everyone else. I do hope for the future of metal as a whole delivers more bands such as ORION especially, because they have a lot to offer in the death metal scene and hope to see them release a full-length album soon; maybe they will play Bloodstock one day? Lets hope so!!

4 Star Rating

1. Oh Sweet Ebullition
2. Devoured Existence
3. Astral
4. My Dying Prayer
Vigneshkumar Venkatraman - Guitars, Vocals
Ashwin Kulkarni - Guitars
Anshuman Bhattacharya - Bass, Backing Vocals
Pritesh Prabhune - Drums
Record Label: Transcending Obscurity


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