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Ornatorpet – Vid Himinsenda

Vid Himinsenda
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 28 October 2019, 4:56 AM

Without a webpage, or much info on their Facebook page, it’s hard to know much about the Dark Ambient/Dungeon Synth band from Sweden named ORNATORPET. I could not even locate them on Encyclopaedia Metallum. So, we’ll have to let the music do the talking here.

“Vaettr” leads off the album, with pulsing keys. It builds a little. The vocals are low whispers. That droning pace stays true throughout, like trying to hypnotize you with water torture. It takes a slight turn towards the end. “Friggjarstjarna” features a steady pace of a few dark key notes and a lot of atmosphere. It builds with assertion and becomes more dominant as it moves along. It starts to layer a bit towards the end. “Utgaror” features a slow rhythm with some keys that hold down the bottom end, while others dance above. There is a little percussion in this song as well. Another track that builds with layers, the third layer are bright key notes that ring out like bells.

“Myrkriour” opens with dark key notes that create somewhat of a harrowing atmosphere. It builds a steady rhythm until close to the end, where it drops off and does a 180, ending in a hauntingly beautiful sound. “Nykr” opens with positive tones mixed in the despondence. It builds with some other key notes striking over top. The atmosphere here stays strong, giving that glimmer of light on an otherwise dull and grey day. “Hraesvlrgr” opens with a dark series of repeated key notes. Like other tracks, this one builds in layers as well…the waxing and waning of cymbals, as more patterns of synth are added. Some of the keys have an organ quality to them. It reminds me of church at first, but then I need reminding that this is about as anti-church as you can get.

“Niohoggr” opens assertively, with loud and pronounced synth notes, and darkness that is too thick to escape from. Those notes repeat the same pattern throughout. Then the sound pattern is repeated, but with much softer keys. “Vid Himinsenda” is all about aesthetics and ambiance. For the total album, there are probably less than 50 different notes used. This is not uncommon for the genre. It’s about building a creepy and spooky atmosphere that is not as vile as Black metal, but no less harrowing. For me, this was just an average example of the genre. Nothing overly special, but not bad. Some of the repetition did grow old after a while for me however.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Memorability: 4
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Vaettr
2. Friggjarstjarna
3. Utgaror
4. Myrkriour
5. Nykr
6. Hraesvlgr
7. Niohoggr
Record Label: Norvis Produktion


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