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Orphan Hate - Attitude & Consequences

Orphan Hate
Attitude & Consequences
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 20 December 2012, 5:20 PM

ORPHAN HATE is band from Germany which has been playing Alternative mixed with Thrash and melodic Death Metal. Band was established in 1996 in Berlin. Their first debut full-length album “Blinded by Illusions” was released back in 2008. Four years later and there it is, a new release, “Attitude & Consequences”, released independently.

“These Days” starts the album pretty good.Right from the first sounds, I had that feeling that I am about to listen to something good. A mish-mash of heavy guitar riffs, astounding soloing and diverse tempo drums with a rather melodic angle of the female shrieks. The song is filled with cool melodies, lots of energy and force. Yeah! Just awesome! ORPHAN HATE sound like IN FLAMES with additional keyboards. Sina Niklas's raspy impressive tone of voice had me thinking about Sandra Nasic of GUANO APES. An insane fast pace thrives within “Hidden Faces” clouting strongly with heavy weight guitaring displaying some fine riffing. Same goes for the drum rhythms. Niklas's proves that she can growl and provide melodic singing rhythms quite well.

“Tired Eyes” begins with an electronic into followed by buzzing guitar sound. There is a massive impact made by the drumming and growls that affected the song's process. In a way a PAPA ROACH oriented track, especially with its sweet melodic pattern. “Science”, the album's shortest tune, displays impressive singing and a wonderful wall of sound delivered by guitars and the rhythm section suitable for when you are similar to GODSMACK, a no less than perfect work of the rhythm section served by Jan Sadler (Bass) and Mathias Gutschmidt (Drums) along with the highly crafted guitars of Alexander Binus and Ramin Tehrani. And of course there are the vocals again, soulful and equally strong with slight reminder of Doro. One of song which I like is also “Under The Sun”. Take notice to the performances of the drums and guitars on this one. Furthermore, there are great growls in the vein of ARCH ENEMY or AMON AMARTH containing the harmonic features of the guitaring. At the peak moments of the chorus I felt as I was listening to some old hit, though I couldn't recall its name. “All That I Am” begins with an acoustic guitar heading forward into the eye of the storm. Well done clear vocals singing, sensation of drums and guitar playing aside to the sublime chorus. This song actually gave me power to continue on listening. And the most important part, plenty of melodies.“Uncalled For”, another splendid presentation, carved itself to my skin with a nice selection of riffs.

 “From Glass And Stones” issues a softer display of singing, starting as charming ballad but rapidly changing into the band's usual ferocity, at least for a bit. During the chorus the riffs vary to faster and heavier entries right before making a comeback to the laxer verse. In addition there is a very nice guitar solo. Next track with a prevailing rhythm section and guitars exhibitions is “Solitary Man”.For a moment there I had a feeling as if SLIPKNOT were playing. Another harmonious moment lies within “Dying Alive”. Closing this album down, there is the track “End Of Something New”, finishing up with speed and aggression with inspiring melodic patterns.

Summing up, “Attitude & Consequences” is full of positive energy & with plenty of melodic features along with. In music, sound and lyrics there is a lot of passion with all the exquisiteness that Metal can afford. The production elevated the band's great sound while the musicians seem like competent professionals. Personally I liked the vocals of Sina Niklas, she is such an amazing vocalist diverting between clean vocals and growls in a good fashion. ORPHAN HATE are simply great! Surely fans of modern Metal, melodic Death Metal with female fantastic voice will not be disappointed after listening to this album.

4 Star Rating

1. These Days
2. Bring Me Down
3. Hidden Faces
4. Tired Eyes
5. Science
6. Under the Sun
7. All That i Am
8. Uncalled For
9. Solitary Man
10. From Glass and Stones
11. Dying Alive
12. End of Something New 
Sina Niklas– Vocals
Alexander Binus- Guitar
Ramin Tehrani– Guitar
Jan Sadler- Bass
Mathias Gutschmidt– Drums
Record Label: Independent


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