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Orphans Of Doom – II

Orphans Of Doom
by Santiago Puyol at 05 March 2020, 10:57 PM

ORPHANS OF DOOM are an American Sludge and Doom Metal band, coming from Kansas City, Missouri. They weave in Thrash, Progressive and Post-Metal elements into their dirty sound. The aptly titled "II" is their second release, following their 2018 debut "Strange Worlds/Fierce Gods".

Opener "New Ishtar" sets things in motion with its Folk-tingled main riff, before going for an abrasive chorus atop Post-Metal riffing, quite reminiscent of THE OCEAN. Power chords carry the verses, keeping things quite interesting. The last third on the song makes room for a lengthy instrumental jam, with playful syncopation and tight playing from the whole band.

Chaotic drumming, with the only blast beats on the record appear at the very start of "Necromantic". The track then sets on a groove, feeling quite aggressive, urgent and frantic. A lovely yet brief clean interlude comes two minutes in. On "Swans," the band plays around with time signatures, shifting a little to provide a disorienting feel on the verses, stretching their Prog muscles quite clearly. It has a sludgy, doomy tone, dirty and sinister. The mixture of proggy songwriting and sludgy feel brings the more aggressive side of ISIS to mind.

"The Ornamentalist" features a truly nasty bassline and some classic Heavy Metal influences. This classic sound feels particularly evident on some IRON MAIDEN-esque dual guitar sections. The instrumental break midway through the track is really catchy and hypnotic; it is quite easy to get lost in the repetitive melodies. This track highlights the band’s songwriting and their diverse sound, as do the next two songs.

"Rust" is the heaviest track in the record. After a dense and oppressive instrumental intro it takes on a very filthy and gritty sound. The song ebbs and flows marvelously; it builds and releases tension several times in a fashionable manner. Meanwhile, "The Last of Me (The Captain)" takes a groovy path, being drums-and-bass heavy, while it pairs nicely textured guitar riffing with an intense display of harsh vocals.

"Viper Diaper" is little more than a thrashy banger with noisy solos and a dash of bluesy Hard Rock. In a way, a palate cleanser before closer "Fever Dream" brings things to its epic end; a jammy and very stonery instrumental. It feautres some organ playing on the background, with a Gothic, almost Southern Rock feel, bluesy and melancholic. Some muffled spoken word samples and anguished screams add to the nostalgic, psychedelic atmosphere. And I have to admit it might have been my favourite track of the bunch.

Overall, a diverse album, very rich in sound, filled with commendable playing and remarkable songwriting. Keep an eye on ORPHANS OF DOOM!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. New Ishtar
2. Necromantic
3. Swans
4. The Ornamentalist
5. Rust
6. The Last of Me (The Captain)
7. Viper Diaper
8. Fever Dream
Jeremy Isaacson – Guitar
Bryan Sedey – Guitar
Greg Koelling – Drums
Record Label: The Company Records


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