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Orpheus Blade – Wolf’s Cry Award winner

Orpheus Blade
Wolf's Cry
by Marcos at 02 June 2015, 8:09 PM

Well, some works, from time to time, really can astonish Ol’ “Big Daddy” here. Maybe due their power and even the whole musical conception behind of an album can really enchant us from the first hearing. It’s a mystery to be lived by everyone into Metal scene, for there’ll be one or another album that can freeze you in the place you are. And this is the case of the Israeli band ORPHEUS BLADE that comes with their first album, “Wolf’s Cry”.

The musical conception can be attached to Progressive Metal label. But I personally see a more eclectic musical insight on the entire album, with very good technique in each track. But the technique is not the main reason for their very existence. It’s far beyond that, and sometimes, beyond the simple words can’t describe. The vocals are excellent, with very good presence of normal tunes of male and female voices, great and perfect riffs on guitars, bass and drums doing a heavy and technical work, and some beautiful keyboards creating perfect atmospheres when needed. And gathering all these elements together, we have a fine piece of art in form of a Metal music album.

The recording sessions seem to be very good, as the production of the album as a whole, or the sound quality we hear on “Wolf’s Cry” is near perfection, with very good tunes in each musical instrument, clear to turn the work easy to understand, but still heavy and abrasive as a Metal band must be.

The album takes us through a journey by a wonderful set of songs, being the best ones “The Finest Art Of Feeding” with its fine arrangements of vocals and guitars (very good tunes, let me tell you all), the strong and well worked “The Becoming” (the duet between the aggressive male voice with the very good female vocals is something wonderful, along with the very good work done by the rhythmic session), the accessible and tasteful “Under Dying Stars” (with some elements from Power Metal on the song), the beautiful and somber “In Terms Of Twilight” (the piano arrangement is perfect, along with very good keyboards), and the climatic “ShapeShifter”.

Excellent first coming!

4 Star Rating

1. Shadows Still
2. The Finest Art of Feeding
3. The Becoming
4. Under Dying Stars
5. In Sickness And In Hell
6. The Death Of All Morrows
7. Dismissal
8. In Terms Of Twilight
9. Because He's Made Of Flesh
10. For Each Man Kills
11. Chronicles
12. The Man Who Cried Wolf
Adi Bitran – Vocals
Henning Basse – Vocals
Gal Ben Haim – Guitars
Edi Lemishov – Bass
Shaked Furman – Drums
Record Label: Pitch Black Records


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