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Osada Vida - Particles Award winner

Osada Vida
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 25 March 2013, 9:49 AM

OSADA VIDA is a Progressive Rock band from Poland formed in 1997. “Particles” is the band's fourth release. Prior to the his new thing, they had three albums between 2006 to 2009 with names such as "Three Seats Behind A Triangle”, "The Body Parts Party” and "Uninvited Dreams”.

“Hard-Boiled Wonderland” begins with an energetic entry, pleasant guitars & well played rhythm section, true progressiveness filled with an amazing aura following the likes of YES and a little of STILSKIN. I like the diversity, the vocals and pace changes so challenging, fine bass work and an astounding solo. “Stronger” channels a Hard Rock vibe in the vein of DEEP PURPLE but with an 80s flavor. Furthermore, since it got so diverse I could fine examples of PORCUPINE TREE and even PINK FLOYD. “Mighty World” is a likeable piece of music, my favorite to be exact, with tougher riffs, great drum & bass that took me to the areas of RIVERSIDE, TERMINAL and MARILLION. “Until You're Gone” is another potential hit, so catchy and easy to comprehend from a Prog band. Though an easy track, it is one of the best grounds to enjoy the musicians, each on in his post. “Different Worlds”, inspired by PINK FLOYD, but displayed as a rather cheery track, is so diverse and rapidly changing its colors, empathic bass work and a cool display of a Jazz piano. For some reason all the odd time signatures reminded me of ASIA. The cover for METALLICA's “Master Of Puppets” was a sweet bonus. I like the new implementation, included the less rougher vocals. “Shut”, is somewhat electronic but still heavy. Here there is a chance to listening to some growl vocals by the guest Sivy that leads to a mind-blowing chorus sung by the band's own Marek Majewski. Deep & nice sounds of instruments are listenable on “Fear” with the common mutable progressive climate. Catchy refrain, cool riffs and performance of the keyboards.

Progressive music is not easy to listen at all because it requires a focus only on happenings of the music. Yet OSADA VIDA created an enjoyable album. There are so many beautiful things to come back to while listening to it again & again. The new album of OSADA VIDA will be liked surely by fans of melodic & Progressive Rock. The band play the high levels, worldwide even. Every listener can to heed this CD with pleasure, clarity is a virtue.

4 Star Rating

1. Hard-Boiled Wonderland
2. Stronger
3. Fear
4. Those Days
5. Shut
6. David's Wasp
7. Different Worlds
8. Until You're Gone
9. Mighty World
10. Master Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)
Marek Majewski - Vocals
Łukasz Lisiak - Bass
Bartek Bereska - Fuitars
Rafał "r6" Paluszek - Keys
Adam Podzimski - Drums
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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