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Oshiego - Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat Award winner

Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat
by Paulomaniaco at 08 May 2015, 10:59 PM

OSHIEGO is an extreme Death Metal band from Singapore and they were formed in 2004 and right now they unleash their newest onslaught upon us entitled "Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat" and just like the last two albums  "Woe To The Conquered" and "The Great Architect Of Nothing" in this one they kept the same approach, brutality, speed and pure Death Metal, being influenced by GRAVE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, VADER, KREATOR… the result of their music is quite clearly as well as very interesting, I mean a such brutal band like this coming from Singapore a country that is very conservative, it must be very hard for them to express themselves and survive, well done indeed!!

The album kicks off with "Days Of Ignorance"  killer  riffs and extremely aggressive vocals, lots of variation on the song and above all is brutal old school Death Metal and the whole CD follows that path which is excellent indeed, next we have "Hypocrisy" the world is full it and OSHIEGO makes them pay, I really like the guitars and the riffs are very cool and catching and the touches of Middle East melodies definitely brings the song to another realm, vocals are incredible good, Umar Khan sings like a maniac out on the loose, very cool solos and blast beats all over and then you have "The Tree Of Zaqqum" starts off slow and heavy and then all hell breaks loose, a touch of Swedish Death can be heard too and that is fucking awesome, lots of break ups and it gets heavier and dirtier without losing its brutality, Death Metal at its best!

"Fields Of Mashyar" our hatred over Islam and fuck them all, pure power and total
destruction, it blows on your face like a bomb, very aggressive and fast, great song, and the weak ones will perish because "Genocide, Torture, Rapture…" will prevail, another killer song, this album is fucking good, you will not get bored at all, on the contrary you will be wondering what's next, very creative band and they deliver the goods without doubts, you can hear a mix of various bands throughout this album which is quite cool but the good thing is that OSHIEGO have its own style and they bring something good and new to the plate without bullshit.

"Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat" is an awesome album and the song title shows that perfectly, fast, heavy, slow and fucking brutal, that's what I like, "The Pharaoh System" pure MORBID ANGEL , song after song and things only get better, Singapore can be very proud because they have a great band to represent them worldwide, "Inspiration From The Dark"  of course where else? another interesting track with lots and lots happening, very tidy and very clean, excellent and the last song is also very, very good, they choose well a song by another great band and OSHIEGO performed it very precisely with their own touch, "Heathen" by MASTER, hail Paul Speckmann.

Excellent album, masterpiece, production is top notch and artwork very interesting as well, I would love to see OSHIEGO performing live one day, all the best guys!!!

5 Star Rating

1. Days Of Ignorance
2. Hypocrisy
3. The tree Of Zaqqum
4. The Fields Of Mahsyar
5. Genocide, Torture, Rapture…
6. Crossing The Bridge Of Siraat
7. The Pharaoh System
8. Inspiration From The Dark
9. Heathen (MASTER Cover)
Umar Khan - Vocals
Bryan Gan - Guitars, Bass
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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