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Osiris – Futurity And Human Depressions (Reissue) Award winner

Futurity And Human Depressions (Reissue)
by Mike Coyle at 22 February 2016, 12:10 PM

OSIRIS is a Progressive Power/Thrash Metal band from Kampen, Overijssel, in the Netherlands. The band first started in 1985 releasing their first demo “Inextricable Reversal” in 1989. In 1991 OSIRIS would release their first full length record entitled “Futurity and Human Depressions”, which would be the band’s only full length under the name OSIRIS until changing the name after their last demo entitled “Equivocal Quiesence” in 1991. After the release of OSIRIS' last demo the band, would change their name to CIRCLE OF EMOTIONS, releasing a single demo entitled “Plan B”.

We start the record off with the opening track entitled “Futurity (Something to Think About)”. the start of this song is different as it starts with this weird string sound with an echo filter behind it, as the song continues we see the track go to a place of its own showing off the progressive side of this band in full which is insane, I mean really insane, it is incredibly different from what I am use to though at the same time it is attractive in terms to the way everything has been set out both sound wise and structurally but still being as honest as I can be this track is just mad with how everything is being played, I wouldn't suggest this to anyone on lsd to be honest but as a song simple and straight it has a lot to offer fans of DREAM THEATER and KING CRIMSON as it has a lot of great guitar riffs and vocal lines which mix together and create a very insane mix of progressive thrash at its best showing us another side of the thrash family.

The record, as we continue onwards, shows us that the members of the band are very calculating and concentrated in what they are doing and how they are mixing these elements together. In doing so, they created record that breaks the traditional tones of Thrash and Power metal while still being able to keep the sounds similar to the old school and still being able to experiment.

Following on I wanted to go along with the track “Out of Inspiration”, I chose this track as it is one of the songs on this record that shows a very fluid style of writing that also gives us a better look at the bass work and drum work with a clear tone. It has a lot to offer for those looking for something weird yet wonderful giving us an idea that you don't always need to be shredding when it comes to Thrash-based music and that with the guitar you can manipulate the tone to give out a sound that really echoes on through and creates a very different, if not interesting, way of playing.

As with “Out of Inspiration” we see that a lot of the tracks on this record have styles that work with the titles that they have been given giving us an idea that each song is a story to both learn from and find deeper meaning within. Thrash, in a lot of ways, is always placed in one corner until a band pops out and adds something to make it stand out with a new light and idea that both helps to create new bands and styles and inspire a method of playing that goes on to become something much more than we thought possible.

The combination of Power and Thrash metal in OSIRIS’ music is an incredible mixture, if not insane, but in the end madness always seems to be the method, and in that very moment creates a monster of unknown power and creativity. “Futurity and Human Depressions” is that kind of monster and in many ways will continue to be just that and more with a fan base that hopefully will continue to grow.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Futurity (Something to Think About)
2. Mass Termination
3. Inextricable
4. Out of Inspiration
5. Inner Recession
6. Fallacy (the Asylum)
7. Frozen Memory
Bram van den Oever - Vocals
Geert Kerssies - Guitars
Maurice Oudhof - Guitars
Rene Bronwasser - Bass
Marc Fien - Drums
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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