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Osiris - Resurrectiom

by Michael Bischoff at 10 December 2016, 5:23 AM

One of the most common misconceptions about being in a band is that it consists of one long party, with plenty of willing Woman and an unlimited amount of recreational substances at your finger-tips. Unfortunately the reality is more than often the total opposite of the fantasy, and while history is littered with many a band that have as a result of talent, luck and hard work managed to forge a successful and lucrative career out of their passion for music there are just as many who have for whatever reason not been able to make it, maybe the music they were creating did not meet the zeitgeist of the time, maybe they got screwed over by management or their record company or maybe they were just not at the right place at the right time, whatever the reason it was certainly not because their music was not any good, quite the contrary, they were perhaps just unlucky. One of those bands being OSIRIS, a traditional Heavy Metal band from Vancouver/Canada who have, on Arkeyn Steel Records recently released, not so much a best of, but a two disc spanning collection of their 5 demos ( from 1986 to 1993 ), various outtakes, rehearsals and one compilation track and which have, according to the info on the bands label, all been remastered for better quality and listening pleasure.

With a sound reminiscent of bands like early QUEENSRYCHE and FATES WARNING, it’s a shame that they were not able to gain further success with their music as tracks such as “As the story is told” not only hint at how far the band could have made it but also showcases their ability to craft complex yet accessible songs full of power and melody, the powerful and melodic vocals soaring over a driving rhythm that makes the listener instantly want to dust off their long forgotten leather and spikes and pump their fists into the night sky.  “Long Quest” on the other hand is a more mid-tempo song with a killer Chorus and excellent drumming and guitar work, again showcasing the excellent musicianship on offer, starting off acoustically the song gradually builds to the chorus speeding up as it does so before transforming into a slower section punctuated with an almost spoken word whispered vocal pattern before reverting back to the acoustic motive as witnessed at the beginning of the track. Elsewhere another acoustic riff opens the excellent “Mystery” and while the song can be described as a powerful Metal ballad it never drifts into cheesiness  always maintaining a driving and melody infused rhythm with enough driving power  to make even the most battle hardened  warrior  proud. In fact wherever you go, whether it’s on disc one or two, the words, Fucking Hell, these guys were good come to mind, the band managing to cover every facet that made Heavy Metal great from absolute shred fests to progressively tinged Metal behemoths. Even if the songs get more complex in their structure the band manages to always write memorable songs, never forgetting to imbue the tracks with melody and cohesiveness.

“Another lost Soul,” which is track five on the first disc, reminds the listener straight away of Judas Priest, starting off fast before going over into a more driving middle section via a short breakdown the song is another fast and effective song that never overstays its welcome. Without going into every single track there is not one weak song to be found among the almost 28 tracks, each song offering something to excite.  Track three on the second disc’ effectively entitled “Exercise in Futility” is such a track for example and one that on first listen seems to consist of 3 different short songs in one but makes cohesive sense on repeat listens and is probably one of my favourite tracks on the compilation especially because of the almost Thrashy guiter riffs and solos, a song that, with a bit of a stretch of the imagination could have been on either “Reign In Blood” or “Painkiller.” Although there are many songs to get through, those among you that are fond of excellent, IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST inspired Heavy Metal will be more than happy in checking this band out.  The only somewhat negative aspect to take away is the fact that this band never got the recognition and success that they deserved. So take out you leather and you spikes, rev up your Harleys and let this twin guitar fuelled Metal band take you on a journey to better times when Real Metal filled the airwaves and battle cries could be heard from all the stages from across the country. All Hail OSIRIS!!!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

Disc 1:

1. As the story is told
2. Just me and you
3. Mystery
4. All the way
5. Another Lost Soul
6. Holy Lightning
7. Rhesus in Dimension
8. The Witches are Burning
9. So Evil
10. Mystery
11. Fugitive Will
12. Visionary

Disc 2:

1. Sights Unseen
2. Lone Quest
3. Exercise in Futility
4. By Reason of Insanity
5. The Hand of Fate
6. The Witches
7. Men of Steel
8. Sail Away
9. In Custody
10. Dead Poets
11. Dream State
12. Battle Cry
13. Long Quest (Vancouver Rocks!)
Steve Roberts  – Guitars.
Dean Caviglia   – Guitars
Karl Watt -  Drums
Alan Roberts – Bass
Record Label: Arkeyn Steel Records


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