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Ossuaire – Derniers Chants

Derniers Chants
by James Brizuela at 30 October 2019, 7:34 AM

OSSUAIRE, formed in 2016 in Quebec, have been quite busy since their initial EP came out the same year. Their last full-length album, “Premiers Chants”, came out only six months ago. Yet, here they are, back with another full-length album in “Derniers Chants”. I must give it up to OSSAUIRE, in that they are not a band to be slept on. I had the pleasure of reviewing “Premiers Chants” only a mere six months ago. I can say right from the jump that “Derniers Chants” starts off in a much different style than their previously mentioned last full-length album. The opening track, “Pestilence rampante”, has a much slicker style to it. There is a certain thrashy-like tempo that I enjoy quite a bit. It isn’t so much just full on blast beats and brutality in the entirety of the tracks. I’m hearing some definite style differences since their last album.

Although the music initially starts off as the brutality that I have heard before from OSSUAIRE, there is this thrashy tempo change that comes in. “Á l’ombre du Très-Haut” offers much of the same style tinkering. The opening drum cadence kicks right into the thrashy musical tone. I found myself headbanging a lot more to this. There is a level of maturity that OSSUAIRE has achieved in a small amount of six months, which is impressive. Although, they find a lot of the same motifs in their brutal black metal sound, they are changing up the styles within the songs in a very cohesive way. There is a slowing down of the tempo in “Sous l’Autel des Immaculés” that showcases that exact style changing. The music slows down, but still offers that gut-wrenching black metal sound. There is a beautiful musical interlude in “Élévation” that offers a better idea on the musical maturity that OSSUAIRE has achieved. The final two tracks of the album are both lengthy. They both sit at over 11 minutes, and there is something to be desired with them. “L ‘Oeil-Sang” has a slower and more simplistic style to it, almost as if it’s a black metal ballad. The tempo slows down even more while offering a very full sound. With the ending of the track leading into an eerie atmospheric finish. The last, but not least, track is “Derniers Chants (Un monde dépourvu de Dieu)”. A beautiful guitar melody leads into some background classical instrumentation.

The all but familiar brutality returns for the final track, before the thrashy tempo makes its comeback as well. This track is the culmination of the style of this new album. I believe OSSUAIRE is showing just that. The brutality of the track, the acoustic guitar melody, and the thrashy tempo all mingling together to make this beautiful stylistic black metal sound. I am not sure if OSSUAIRE was able to basically write two albums worth of material, and then release them so close to one another. Or, they found themselves in such a writing frenzy that “Derniers Chants” just came to them this quickly. Either way, this album has a much different stylistic pallet. I love the tempo changes and the melodic offerings that were provided. I am highly impressed that it took only six months to release another album that is much more developed. Well played, very well played.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Pestilence rampante
2. Á l’ombre du Très-Haut
3. Sous l’Autel des Immaculés
4. Élévation
5. L ‘Oeil-Sang
6. Derniers Chants (Un monde dépourvu de Dieu)
Hérésiarque – Vocals
Atrocité – Guitars
Charnier – Drums
Spectre – Bass
Record Label: Sepurlchral Records


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