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Ossuary - Addicted to Human Flesh Award winner

Addicted to Human Flesh
by Laura Glover at 22 October 2021, 6:45 AM

OSSUARY was born in Columbia in 2012, a Death/Horror Metal Band. OSSUARY is not new to the scene, having a four prior releases under their belt; they carved out quit a following along the way. Their newest album, released June 26, 2021; “Addicted to Human Flesh” is a smoldering creation. “Addicted to Human Flesh” is an album that leaves little room for catching your breath. A truly scathing blend of bass and blast beats that inspire one to want to get smashed in a mosh pit.

‘Psychic Spawn” - Blasting us with the drums, while scalding your ears with tremolo plucking on guitar. This is a fast paced and hard song. Epic proportions of disgusting rage, and a marching like beat to boot. This song has supreme old-school death metal vibes. “The Earth Regurgitates” - 100% JUST as filthy as it sounds. Riffs that will melt your face off, and the ever so classic Death Metal vocals. Not one part of this album will lose your interest as it grips it and holds tight with its deepest growls and fastest blast beats. “Blinded Fornicator” - Pig squeals abound, the dark vocal style is intrinsic to this sound as a whole. The vocals hold onto that old-school feel so well and add so much to the band as a whole. The heavy guitar riffs combine epically in the production of this album.

Addicted to Human Flesh” - As a true crime podcast listener, the title of this song brought to mind several well-known serial killers. Ones who might have chosen this song as their theme song. The Death/Horror theme works so well for this band. And their music as well as titles of songs reminds me a little of Cannibal Corpse. “A Morbid Lust for Death” - Luscious and dark guitar stand out in this song. A face melting lullaby that rips you from top to bottom. Never soft, never kind to the ears. Furious and fast paced.

OSSUARY is a great band, a classic sort of Death sound, well produced to perfection. “Addicted to Human Flesh” is absolutely worth checking out. This may well be one of the best new releases of 2021 in the Death/Horror scene.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Laments of the Void (Intro)
2. Psychic Spawn
3. The Earth Regurgitates
4. Wheel of Torture
5. Blinded Fornicator
6. Gastronomic Carnage
7. Addicted to Human Flesh
8. Condemned to Impalement
9. Bloody Fantasies
10. Spell
11. A Morbid Lust for Death
Julian Vega – Drums
Juan Esteban Sanchez – Guitars (Lead)
Andres Giraldo – Guitars, Vocals
Braham Valencia – Bass
Record Label: Awakening Records


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