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Ossuary Anex - Holy Blasphemition

Ossuary Anex
Holy Blasphemition
by Kayla Hutton at 11 September 2018, 3:05 PM

Set for release on September 26th 2018, Russia’s OSSUARY ANEX’s E.P. “Holy Blasphemition”. Formed in 2008 and having 2 full length releases under their belt, OSSUARY ANEX has the fresh driving fuel of new blood mixed with the skill and approach of seasoned pros. “Revelation of the Inquisition” allows the bass to take the lead intro. Very well done. In similar style of STEVE DIGORGIO and ATHIEST. Impressive and a definite change to the norm. After smiling through the bass intro, I was engaged by brute force trauma to the brain. Harsh, deep, dark, heavy, and wicked delight. Down tuned guitars, pummeling drums, and deep monstrous vocals. There is even a section that sounded very much like a modern day “Blackened(METALLLICA).

Divine Chastisement” begins by utilizing the slow sludge pace of doom and de-tuned strums to make what is heavy, heavier. Even as the machine gun spitting double kick drums are rolled, the slow strums overlap. This transitional point is merely a catalyst for a fast picked, thrashy mud of  wading through the trenches with doom and dread. “Werewolves in Cassocks ” is the highlight of the album for me. A showcase track that demonstrates and draws influences from all over the place.Combined with speed, starts,stops, stabs, and just total unpredictability. A speed metal fans delight as this one is rev'd up pretty good. I love the capture of the power chords sliding up and down the fret board, palm muted fret noise. The tone of the guitar is amazingly EQ’d and somehow the slides give it an extra sledge hammer blow of heaviness.

The audio quality is good, the mixing is fantastic. Being able to clearly hear every instrument is always gong to win me over. Having the bass level up and not blended gives you a chance to really hear the great skill this guy has. Overall OSSUARY ANEX has a well defined signature sound that is thicker than most. Despite “Holy Blasphemition” only hosting 5 tracks, and one is an instrumental of the first song,It’s an E.P. that is a great introduction to the band. Not too overwhelming with a load of material. Enough enticement to make me want to check out their prior releases.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Revelation of the Inquisition
2 .Divine Chastisement
3. Blasphemous Apparition
4. Werewolves in Cassocks (re-recorded)
5. Revelation of the Inquisition
Aza - Bass
Kirill - Vocal
Max - Guitar
Sergey - Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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