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Ossuary Insane – Decimation of the Flesh

Ossuary Insane
Decimation of the Flesh
by Alexis Lareine at 03 June 2018, 7:08 AM

OSSUARY INSANE was an incredibly obscure, underground band that set a strict pattern of short bursts of activity. The first of these was from 1997-1998, when the band released a demo and their only full-length release to date, “Demonize the Flesh”. The band remained inactive after this for 7 years, until 2005-2006 when two demos were released. After this came an even longer period of inactivity: after 10 years, the band released the first of two compilation albums, “Possession of the Flesh”, containing previously unreleased recordings. The second of these compilation albums is “Decimation of the Flesh”, which was released in April of this year. The first three tracks are from the demo released in 2006, and the last three songs are from a demo released in 1995 under the moniker OSSUARY.

“The Sickening” opens with a very old-school feel. The riffs are simple, gritty, with the vocals following suit, a bit lower-ranged than typical old-fashioned death metal vocals. Overall, it sounds unmastered, which it very well might be, considering this is a compilation of demos. “The Unfaithful” is much more high-energy, blasting in immediately with blast beats, tremolo-picked riffs, and a groovy vocal pattern on top. The song is overall a catchy headbanger. If this had been released 30 years ago, mastered, it would have been an instant hit. “Truth Be Told” opens with a guitar that sounds like it’s being played through a practice amp. A very strange, throaty clean vocal enters on top before the riff drops. Truth be told. . . it sounds like each of these three songs were recorded under completely different conditions at different times. The balance of the mix feels different in each song, and the guitar tones sound different as well – in this case, much grittier and distorted than the previous two songs. Again, there are some very catchy sections in here, and 30 years ago it would have made a huge impact. For being released in 2006, it sounds a bit outdated – it’s like I’ve heard these riffs before from other earlier bands. That being said, the songs are genuinely enjoyable to listen to, with a lot of good, catchy riffage in there. As an avid fan of old-school death metal, this one is right up my alley.

Now onto the 1995 demos. “From Beneath the Blood” comes in again with blast beats and energy. This sounds like a demo from 1995 production-wise. There’s constant peaking from the mics, adding a consistent layer of static-y distortion on the vocals. Those double kicks are solid though, and the cymbal work adds a nice layer of interest. I also appreciate how the vocals are more low-range and brutal than typical old-school vocals. “Summoned to Death” opens with a very modern sample that one would expect from a current slam band. The riffs on this one are also super catchy. I must say, while the drumming is tight, that kick drum sounds as though the head is made of cardboard. But with these last three tracks, you have to take them for what they are – a first demo release over 20 years ago. The songs are still cool and catchy – I just wish there had been more focus on the mix.

“Blaspheme Unto Rebirth” also has a modern, brutal sample to start it off. This one has distortion from the vocal mic as well. But it is just heavy as hell. It transitions from groovy and brutal to suddenly super high-energy, and I actually really love this song. There is so much potential in these demos, I wish the band could have put out more than one full-length. This is one of those releases that makes you long for what could have been. It’s definitely for fans of old-school death metal; as one of these fans, I’ll definitely be getting my hands on one of these limited vinyl presses (linked here).

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 4

3 Star Rating

1. The Sickening
2. Unfaithful
3. Truth Be Told
4. From Beneath the Blood
5. Summoned to Death
6. Blaspheme unto Rebirth
Rick Peloquin – Bass
Tony Olson – Drums
Shane Patten – Vocals
Chad “Der Prophet” Hanson – Guitars
Cantor Celebrant – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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Edited 07 June 2020

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