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OST - Beowulf: Music From The Motion Picture (CD)

Beowulf: Music From The Motion Picture
by Alex Zervanos at 22 February 2008, 9:40 AM

Alan Silvestri provides the score to genre-spanning director Robert Zemeckis' newest attempt at cinematic innovation by sticking to the arguably exhausted, but always reliable formula according to which a Carl Orff-styled, straight-from-the-lab mixture of wartime horns, soaring strings, awestruck choirs and earth-shaking tympanis will always do the job when it comes to movies about medieval battles, quests for glory and cave-witches casting eternal curses.
In accordance with the movie's state-of-the-art combination of live acting and CGI-effected motion capturing, Silvestri sparsely throws in some electronic elements such as a few drum-loops, whereas, of course, you won't miss the expected couple of Celtic-tinged fairytale folk songs lurking right around the bend (Gently As She Goes, A Hero Comes Home), with actress Robin Wright Penn's ethereal, soothing voice quietly supported by a harp. Hero Comes Home actually gets a fully orchestrated reprise later on the CD, with Idina Menzel's Maggie Reilly-influenced interpretation adding the extra volume and bombast needed for an Oscar consideration.  
Metal-heads with a soft spot for Hollywood's guitar-less but grandiose orchestral epics will find here no more or less than their average D&D movie soundtrack, filled with music that bares a striking resemblance to Beowulf, the character, himself: easy to admire, hard to warm up to.

2 Star Rating

Beowulf Main Title
First Grendel Attack
Gently As She Goes (performed by Robin Wright-Penn)
What We Need Is A Hero
I'm Here To Kill Your Monster
I Did Not Win The Race
A Hero Comes Home (performed by Robin Wright-Penn)
Second Grendel Attack
I Am Beowulf
The Seduction
King Beowulf
He Has A Story To Tell
Full Of Fine Promises
Beowulf Slays The Beast
He Was The Best Of Us
The Final Seduction
A Hero Comes Home (performed by Idina Menzel)
Alan Silvestri - Composer, Conductor
Record Label: Warner Bros


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