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Osukaru - The Labyrinth Award winner

The Labyrinth
by JOGANEGAR at 08 July 2017, 2:50 PM

OSUKARU is a Progressive, Melodic Hard Rock Band from Sweden, releasing “The Labyrinth” to continue their career in 2017. A colorful and vivacious attempt at transmitting vibrations and frequencies through the most harmonic and melodic way, this band can combine elements to obtain their final result with a sense of prosperity and a perception of what a mature band must be that only comes with experience. The greatest asset of this band in my personal opinion, is audacity, since their essence demonstrates a sense of boldness that many bands can only dream of. Subtlety my friends as Einstein once said, not only takes balls, but a whole lot of brains too, because anyone can make things bigger and more complex, but it takes a real touch of genius to go in the opposite direction. That said this album depicts the enlightenment acquired over the years by this Swedish rockers.

After “Maze of Mind” the instrumental Intro, the progressive escalades that follow up to “Moonlight Silhouette”, passing through another quite interesting instrumental intro in “Poisonous” that flows into the song “Undying Rose” with a great depiction of the voice and talent of Lisa Eugenia,  a mind blowing character that seems to emerge out of an anime saga or cyberpunk graphic novel, that also manages to sing like a steel angel and play the keyboards as well, a true delightful performer that matches perfectly with the rest of the multitalented members of OSUKARU. Catchy tunes and resonances worthy of a heavenly encounter, pride and glory could be two words that define the feeling acquired while listening to this album, a work that sheds light into darkness and warmth into the coldest places, this type of music can act, as many have referred before, as an oasis in a world of fast paced madness and monotony. Warriors of light, welcome to the dwellings of the Metal Temple.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Maze of Mind
2. The Stories we tell
3. Voices in the Dark
4. Edge of Night
5. It’s Only Forever
6. Voodoo (Who Do?)
7. Poisonous
8. The Undying Rose
9. The Offering
10. Moonlight Silhouette
Oz Osukaru: Guitar, Keyboards
Fredrik Werner: Vocals, Guitar
Lisa Eugenia: Keyboards, Vocals
Olof Gadd: Bass
Vidar Mårtensson: Drums
Record Label: City of Lights Records


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