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Otargos - Fuck God-Disease Progress (CD)

Fuck God-Disease Progress
by Yiannis Doukas at 02 November 2009, 8:59 AM

OTARGOS? What kind of name is this? Maybe there is something hidden if you change the letters, who knows? Well, now I'm thinking again, yes if we could make it like O TRAGOS, the Greek name for 'goat'  appears. Anyway, that's not of so much importance; the main thing here is the latest album by these French, a Black Metal band that started in 2001 having already released a couple of albums in the past.
The heavy title of this CD together with the cover will drive us at first place somewhere in necro plains but OTARGOS are in a more 'sophisticated' realm. One of their main influence is MAYHEM and they start in Dawn Of The Ethereal Monolith by coping a riff of the Norwegians. Generally the aura of Grand Declaration Of War is present but not as cold and clinical as in the original. One the other hand, OTARGOS could be the compatriots ARKHON INFAUSTUS (and more specific from their third album and after), although they do not have their sickness. Here there is a juxtaposition of the coldness of the universe in a way that everything seems useless in front of it and words like life, death and god are meaningless. This emptiness will be present in songs like The Wall Of Galaxies with a use of a repeated riff and an abstract of emotions surround. It will work better in Pour Toi Une Renaissance and generally in this part OTARGOS are doing a cool work.
One other very basic aspect of the band's music is surely the effort to make a chaotic creation that  depicts - in one way or another - concepts from the quantum mechanic or from thermodynamics(!). Here come songs like N - Universe or Entropy Omega but my main problem is that this musical chaos is well structured in the end with basic elements featuring very melodic riffings. They will be more persuasive in terms like punishment and torment in Four Facets Of The Tetragramaton Sinestre but again my mind goes mostly in things like Saw rather in something more extreme. Last, this atheism based in things like quantum physic comes to paradox consequences at least in my opinion since both religions and science start from a priori accepted things. This may occur for a religion (some book rules) of for science (a Shrodinger equation) but in my eyes they are the same things written in different languages.
Generally speaking, OTARGOS are playing some good music but remain on the surface with nothing much deep inside. They will catch the listener's imagination somewhere but overall they are harmless and this is a serious disadvantage if you want to play Black Metal. So if you need something just for fun, satisfying some gig based Heavy Metal - headbanging lust here you will listen to some well played music but not a grab your balls and deadly poisonous art.

3 Star Rating

Dawn Of The Ethereal Monolith
La Genese De Dieu
The Wall Of Galaxies
N - Universe
Pour Toi Une Renaissance
Four Facets Of The Tetragramaton Sinestre
Entropy Omega
XXX - Bass
Dagoth - Guitars, Vocals
Astaroth - Guitars
Ranko - Drums
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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