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Ouija - Selenophile Impia

Selenophile Impia
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 29 July 2021, 8:09 AM

It’s usual for bands to use EPs and Singles to fill the time between two albums, in a form to keep the fans’ attentions on their work, or, as was usual in the 80’s, to promote a coming album. The reason can be these named above, or any other, because there are different points of view about releases with few songs. But sometimes, some EPs and Singles make the listeners want more. It’s the case of “Selenophile Impia”, a 3-songs-EP released by Spanish quintet OUIJA.

Their musical work is a typical form of traditional (or classic, you can chose the word you prefer) Black Metal, but adorned with some Death Metal influences in many moments, along with morbid melodic ambiences and some darkened Gregorian-like chants. It’s a classic and an already know form of the genre, but in the hands of the quintet, it gains a new life and energy that keep the attentions focused on their music. Yes, it’s truly good. The production worked on the right direction: their musical expressions can be heard and understood without problems, with a very good set of raw instrumental tunes that works perfectly for their music. But be prepared for devastation, because they did something that improved their natural aggressiveness. It can improve in the future, but’s good for now.

“Selenophile Impia” is a long song (it lasts more than 7 minutes) with different rhythms and parts, with very good low tunes on vocals and nasty guitar riffs. On “Kerberos… Like Hell Dogs”, the morbid melodies expressed by the guitars are better understood, and it’s really a great song. And “Therianthropic Involution” is a bit more technically intricate in some moments, what shows the very good work from bass guitar and drums on the rhythms conduction. But after hearing these songs, the fans will be asking for more.

So “Selenophile Impia” is a very good release, indeed. But OUIJA must come as soon as possible with a new album, because their music is very good, indeed.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Selenophile Impia
2. Kerberos… Like Hell Dogs
3. Therianthropic Involution
Midgard - Vocals
JM101 - Guitars
Map - Guitars
Shogoth - Bass
Labelua - Drums
Record Label: Negra Nit


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