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Our Mirage – Unseen Relations

Our Mirage
Unseen Relations
by Joseph Hausmann at 20 February 2020, 10:00 PM

Hailing out of Marl, Germany, this four piece Post-Hardcore group really hits you deep in your emotions. From the ambient music to the emotional lyrics that really strike a nerve, OUR MIRAGE offers a vast variety of elements that many of us can relate to. This young group is becoming known for the emotion that they pour into their music and their latest release "Unseen Relations" takes that line even deeper. The group largely focuses on the problems that our youth deal with internally but their music doesn't just speak to them, it is very intuitive of the problems and struggles that we all deal with on a common basis. Their sophomore album has been released through Arising Empire, on February 7th 2020.

Diving head first into this album, we are met with the opening track "Rivers". This track begins with a very ambient melody that grows in intensity into a heavy hitting track. The instrumentation blends very well with the atmospheric vibe of the melody. The vocals on this song range from soaring melodies to melancholy tones to desperate screams. The mixture of all these vocal elements bring a balance to the track. "Falling - Telle Smith" speaks to us about trying so hard on what we do and in the end still not being enough. It gives the track a feeling of despair that the majority of us have felt at some point in our lives. That sense of hopelessness mixed with the melancholic tones tug at the listener’s heartstrings and never let go.

"Strike A Match" tells us a story of being dragged down into the darkness but it also provides redemption throughout the track. It explains that even in times of darkness, there is a spark in all of us that never goes. That spark grows and we become better, stronger on the other side of darkness. The clean vocals give the bright melody of that strength while the screams provide the darkness; it is a well-crafted song about yin and yang. Without one, you cannot have the other. Sometimes to find the strength that we need to change, we must hit that darkness and I think that this track encapsulates the emotion of that struggle beautifully. "Transparent" begins as a soft ballad that builds in intensity as the track progresses. The melancholy vocal work is mixed, with bright melodies to give an interesting depth to this song. The instrumentals provide an ambient background for the vocals to really break out and show us their power.

"Our All Home" is the powerhouse track of this album for me. While the instrumentals are solid, the lyrics speak deeply to me. The song begins with more ambient melodies but this time blended with an ethereal voice that speaks in a conversational tone before the song builds up into soaring melodies. Using a conversational voice feels like it speaks directly to our emotions, it is a powerful tool that really makes you think deeper about what the track is trying to encompass. It tells us to make the most of the opportunities given to us. The most powerful line in this song is: “Never stand a chance to just take a pass.” That’s a pretty profound statement that we can all relate to. "After All" rounds out this album. It's another powerful statement about not conforming to the world around us. The band goes heavier in this track, driving this message home. It is a great way to finish an album about internal struggle.

"Unseen Relations" is a very powerful and emotional ride. There were points in this album that made me reflect about my personal life and I hope it does the same for you. OUR MIRAGE provides a strong sophomore album to us. The balance of clean vocal work and screams mixed with ambient instrumentals heighten the emotional pull that they are going for. The topics they discuss throughout the album are profound. The band grabs your emotions hard and gives you one hell of a ride. In spite of just being around since 2017, this album shows a level of intuition and maturity that surpasses their young age. This is a well-crafted album and I will be putting it in my collection for self-reflection. I hope that some of the band’s tracks make it onto some of your playlists.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Rivers
2. Falling - Telle Smith
3. Different Eyes
4. Strike A Match
5. Transparent
6. Our All Home
7. Unseen
8. My Last Day
9. Walk As One
10. Distant & Obscure
11. After All
Timo Bonner – Vocals
Steffen Hirz – Guitar
Manuel Möbs – Bass & Backup Vocals
Daniel Maus – Drums
Record Label: Arising Empire


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