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Outrage - Go To Hell

Go To Hell
by Maria Godosi at 23 January 2012, 8:04 PM

Many of you would think that I am about to review a new band's debut release. I won't blame you especially if you are young of age. This is totally untrue, but since this band is not so well known, I will give you some information about its story.

Being formed back in the early 80s mostly influenced by bands such as HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST & VENOM, OUTRAGE, a band from southern Germany, began its journey in the music scene. Although it belongs to the first wave of 'blackened' Thrash Metal, which later became known as Black Metal, it seems it never quite “made it”. It kept on dwelling in the underground and gave an end to its existence after its last live show in 1988. But it seems that the beast was just hibernating and waiting to wake up. 16 years later it released its first album of the second period. Fast forwarding to… 2011. OUTRAGE’s new album is called “Go To Hell”. The truth is that we are not actually talking about the band's new songs. It is a selection of songs, re-recorded, taken from the early demos. The band named this release “Go To Hell” after the first song on its first demo in 1985.

The recordings took place last summer, using a lot of the original equipment, effects and techniques they used back then. There are live drums, without any triggers, and original distortion guitar effects. The production is remarkably clear. The deep and strong vocals reminded me a lot of Cronos and Tom Warrior. If you are a fan of 80s 'blackened' Metal, this release will take its special place in your collection of CDs. Enjoy it !

3 Star Rating

1. Rigor Mortis
2. Go To Hell
3. Into The Abyss Of Belial
4. Astaroth
5. Perseus Rules
6. Infernal Recruit
7. The Inner Contract
8. Hot On The Trail
9. Slave Trader
10. Pact Of The Wicked
11. Refugee To Beyond
12. Black Metal Attack
Frank P. "The Voice of Hell"- Vocals
Udo F. "The Bringer of Doom"- Guitars
Torsten M. "The Son of Death"- Bass
Yannick A. "The Holder of Chaos"- Drums
Record Label: Metal On Metal Records


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