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Ovenizer - Exhibition of Thoughts

Exhibition of Thoughts
by Andrew Green at 23 November 2014, 2:26 PM

From Tampere, Finland I present to you post-metal outfit OVENIZER. Their latest record “Exhibition of Thoughts” is a gloomy grunge influenced experience, keeping it short and sweet with only 3 tracks on the release. Simplistic in playing style the album doesn’t offer much in the way of musical ‘chops’ but rather delivers a grim doom vibe at a leisurely pace, leaving a pit in the stomach, as though something bad is about to happen, or maybe it already has; either way there’s something bad.

Opener “Expo” offers a tasty guitar riff as the introduction before the rest of OVENIZER jump into gear. The vocalist has a chance to showcase both sides of the spectrum here giving aggressive half-growls before fading into a softer tone that is delivered with great force and surrounded in drones, coming across as near power-metal influenced. The guitar tone is very dry and this becomes apparent quickly, I feel more thought could have been but into this aspect of the mix.

“Hypnote” follows much the same themes as its predecessor and frankly is a little boring. The introduction is eerie and that’s about as interesting as the song gets, it’s very repetitive and sparsely inventive, there’s some interesting effects used on the vocals but it does nothing to save the overall track. “Lake of Skulls” is easily the best effort on the record; I won’t ruin it for you as I would have told the story of the entire album, but OVENIZER become a bit more adventurous on this track opening up on both the melodic and vocal components of the piece, making a nice change.

All in all it’s a fair mini-album considering its independently produced, but the song writing falters along with the tonality and in all honesty if it were any longer than 3 songs I wouldn’t have listened. Not very interesting but there’s always time for improvement.

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1. Expo
2. Hypnote
3. Lake of Skulls
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Record Label: Independent


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