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Over Nemesis - Wink

Over Nemesis
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 21 August 2018, 5:36 AM

French guys from Fontainebleau, France are releasing their first full length album via Music-records Label.They  describe themselves as sludge metal with multiple influences from BLACK LABEL SOCIETY to BLACK STONE CHERRY and UGLY KID JOE. Well, they didn't lie. Out on august 31st, "Wink" will blast its way to many houses, I hope, in the world. The first thing i should say is that the production is a little medium in my own opinion. It  sounded more like a demo than an official release. About the songs, I'd say this kind of American Metal or Rock isn't my cup of tea, but they are doin' it well. I had a hard time finding originality here, but since they had quite a bunch of influences used, its not that bad. The use of pinch harmonics like Zakk Wylde isn't a good idea since its being Wylde's trademark for years. Guys I know you love him but be yourself! You play well so you can create more original stuff.

They're is a few nice moments and guitar play in this opus.Vocals are good and did a great job. Track one is a little intro with bells and drumming. After that we have "Vault of blindness" that reminds me a little bit of Crowbar. It has a nice groove and cool solo, the mixing isn't perfect we can feel the guitar track trying to reach the song but in vain it sound different and added. But the song do the job and offers a cool nineties retro feel. Mario and Sergio sounds a lot like "This Love" from PANTERA, but again the recording quality missed it. That's a little sad cause it creates a bad feel that put a barrier between enjoying it really and getting what it deserves. But the music is quite good.

"Across the Stars" is Zakk Wylde teaming up with a nu-metal kid outfit. song has potential even if it isn't your cup of tea at all. Great solo saves the day, but overall it sounds a little chaotic disorganized. Not my best . "She Becomes Calypso" starts again with that weird bell ringing (almost all the songs have it, i don't know why) that get annoying. Again we are served the same recipe plus a very weird piano  part that doesn't fit that much.Synths are used too but again the mix isn't sounding natural…sorry guys.

"Inside" starts it all with piano that seem to be made by computer. Synth choirs are used to but once again the songwriting is nice but the samples used are not of a great quality. This sounds more like a homemade demo. But i must say that this song has potential. It's got great emotion and feel. They should work again with more "finesse" in the recording and digital instruments used. I don't wanna be mean at all. I can hear emotions and sincerity here. It just needs more refinement. "This Man" offers a "Deja-vu" formula but got the best solo on the entire album. "Light of Hopes" is a ballad a-la BLACK LABEL SOCIETY there's not that much to say…

"Until the End" is offering the same patterns and approach I heard before, like I said, not bad but no revolution here. "Over Nemesis" sounds like a personal project shared on an album, which needs more love, not in its writing or conception but in the recording and mixing. This beast could have way more bite than it has. I can feel the devotion and hard work behind this. Even if this kind of rock or metal isn't that much my type i can say there is talent there. A future to be unleashed on the six strings, more to come.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Saint Bâle
2. Vaults Of Blindness
3. Mario & Sergio
4. Across the Stars
5. She Become Calypso
6. Inside
7. This Man
8. Tears
9. Light of Hopes
10. Until the End
Nicolas – Vocals & Guitars Soli
Valentin – Guitars & Bass
Jean-François – Drums
Record Label: Music Records


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