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Overactive - Cerebral Cage Award winner

Cerebral Cage
by Michael Coyle at 22 November 2015, 7:57 PM

Italian Thrash/Death Metal band, OVERACTIVE, present their first EP entitled “Cerebral Cage”. Formed in two thousand thirteen, the band have recently released the four track EP, which shows hope and structure, as well as a curiosity as to what the band are capable of doing in terms of a full length release.

From the start, the band opens strong with the track “Blackout”. The sound, as far, is very similar to previous Thrash/Death bands such as EXMORTUS, as the song starts with a Thrash riff style mixed with death vocals in a combination, which combines the best of these two elements of metal, while at the same time, keeping to the band’s own pattern of style and heaviness. This can be admired, as it shows the band have taken inspiration from bands that have inspired them, while insuring that they keep to their own ideas and blasting out some incredible riffs with some real aggression, which can be seen in the EP's second track, entitled “Destroyin' Is The Way. The way we see this song is witnessing the band tap deeper into the Extreme than anything, which works perfectly for this band, as it shows us the listeners that the band are not keeping to a simple formula of one basic sound; instead we see that the band have been able to mix it up quite well with hooks that capture the listeners attention. I find that looking through this EP that there are different things we can take from this band and how they have been able to style this EP and structure it, as we see the band take things up a notch with the EP's title track, “Cerebral Cage”, from what we find and what we are able to take are examples of the sound the band have gone for and how they are trying to present it, from this song and the EP's final track,” Mass Psychogenic Illness”, we can hear a distinct tone of DEATH in their and Chuck Schuldiners influence on the guitarists as a whole, which for any respectable fan of the extreme metal genre, is incredible to listen to, as it shows that the old style still remains in todays society and is becoming stronger.

4 Star Rating

1. Blackout
2. Destroyin' Is The Way
3. Cerebral Cage
4. Mass Psychogenic Illness
Alessio Ottaviani - Guitars
Fabio Savelli - Guitars
Jacopo Mangoni - Vocals
Marco Sabbatini - Bass
Marcello Del Monte - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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