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Overcharge - Speedsick Award winner

by JOGANEGAR at 01 March 2017, 8:22 PM

Subgenres may come and go, but the seed that originates all variations endures with each new crop, to bring new life and prosperity through survival for the new generations to come, or in the case of Punk, Mayhem, Anarchy, and the “Fuck All” attitude that seems to fit perfectly into the suburban misfits that came out of the heavily industrialized and equally desolated British and American cities of the final end of the seventies. Such is the case of Italian punk/speed metal act OVERCHARGE with its second album, called “Speedsick”. Panzer, George and Marzello, get together again to deliver a full overload of punk based speed metal, with a great production work that was finished with the mastering sessions in Audiosiege in Portland Oregon, that culminated with this second full length album, for one if Italy’s most organic, moto Punk/Speed metal acts on the current European scene.

The ongoing beat is kept throughout the entire album, from the opening track “Downtown Inferno” with the lyrics that remind us how the working’s man hell can differ from the underworld depicted in countless works of fiction, not only In its fundamental physical characteristics, but in its sense of reality and factual existence in nowadays members of society. All the way through the record, bringing it to a close with a feasible 21st century anthem that sums up the attitude needed to survive in today’s dystopia with only two wise words: “Fuck Them”, the second to last track that evokes METALLICA’sKill’em All” with a grinding solo á la Kirk Hammet, before closing the album with “Demons” a more oriented track that enables the perfect closure for this adrenaline charged, petrol infused piece of work, that keeps “Overcharged” faithful to its name and the objective of its main motto: to trample all the squares under their rampage of crust punk and speed metal.

OVERCHARGE’s greatest quality is without any doubt, the ability to resemble their studio sound when they get on stage, and this second record is the living proof that returning to the source remains the best thing to do when acquiring a legitimate sound and identity in a genre that erupts with authenticity and self assurance. Fly that banner high, and may the great Lemmy witness the evolution of his work in the new generation of punk fused with heavy and speed metal maniacs all around the world.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Downtown Inferno
2. Speedsick
3. Warbeat
4. Ride as One
5. Wrong Path
6. Wasteland Rust
7. Out of the Lockup
8. Only in Dreams (Anti-Cimex)
9. Fuck Them
10. Demons 
Marcio - Vocals & Bass
Josh- Guitar & Vocals
Panzer - Drums
Record Label: Hellforced Records


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