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Overdrive - Angelmaker (CD) Award winner

by Jonathan Maphet at 03 January 2011, 8:01 PM

OVERDRIVE has just released their new album entitled “Angelmaker”. Their bio sheet describes them as traditional Swedish metal, but I believe it is more in the vein of power metal. The album is strong from start to finish. OVERDRIVE is yet another band from way back in the 80’s making a comeback now in the post 2000’s. I wonder why there is such a movement of old bands coming back from the grave? It sure isn’t because the recording industry is more profitable, what with all the illegal downloading and all, but I for one am glad to receive new albums from all these long lost metal bands. I have reviewed several in the last year with only one or two disappointments. Angelmaker is a well written album with nice clean vocals and crystal clear production values. A lot of effort went into this album, and it shows. You may want to do a Google search for what an “Angelmaker” really is. It is quite gruesome, I assure you.

Over 25 demos were recorded for this album and 12 of them have lived to see the light of day. Without hearing the others, it is impossible to say if they chose the right ones, but they are very good songs. I like it when a band has a huge lot of songs to choose from, especially if they made it all the way from the page to the demo stage where they were actually recorded. For the most part, the songs are up tempo which has always been my favorite variety of metal, fast and to the point, with some mid tempo mixed in. The drums are close to perfect. The solos are melodic and the guitars pack a huge crunch like sound in the riffs. As I have found out in the last several months of reviewing, not every band is capable of writing melodic solos some are just random blasts of notes with no apparent structure. This is a band that has had many years to perfect their sound and I believe they have done so with, “Angelmaker

It is very hard for me to pick a favorite. So many of the songs are very good and I don’t want to be unfair by picking a favorite, they really are that good. The songs are diverse in nature and robust. The sound of the album does fit the classic label, but at the same time it doesn’t sound dated at all. I have heard that many older bands try so hard to achieve their original sound that made them what they are today. OVERDRIVE has actually pulled it off. KISS tried it on “Sonic Boom”, but it still sounded like a new KISS album, not something done in the 70’s, so my hats off to OVERDRIVE here. Great job!

Overall, if you love old school power metal, I am sure this will tickle your fancy. Or in other words, you will love it. OVERDRIVE is back and that is a good thing. I for one intend to reward their efforts with purchase. Remember, bands like these don’t get huge contracts with super sized labels. They need our loyalty and not an illegal download. Their bio sheet claims that this is their best album ever, as most bands’ bio sheets claim, but for once, I honestly believe them.

4 Star Rating

1. Signs All Over
2. In Gut We Trust
3. Angelmaker
4. I Know There's Something Going On
5. Under The Influence
6. On With The Action
7. See The Light
8. To Grow
9. Mother Earth
10. It's A Thriller
11. Cold Blood Chaser
12. The Wavebreaker
Janne Stark – Guitar
Kjell Jacobsson – Guitar
Kenth Ericsson – Bass
Per Karlsson – Vocals
Kenta Svensson – Drums
Record Label: Lion Music


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