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Overkill - Live In Overhausen Award winner

Live In Overhausen
by Craig Rider at 14 June 2018, 6:24 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: OVERKILL; signed via the mighty Nuclear Blast Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Thrash Metal, on their 4th Live Album entitled: “Live In Overhausen” (released May 18th, 2018).

Since formation in 1980 (as VIRGIN KILLER) the quintet in question have a vast discography of a Metal Thrashing Mad library at their disposal; including 18 Studio Albums, 1 Demo; 4 EPs, 4 Splits; 4 Live Albums, 3 Compilation Albums and 1 Box Set. As a fan of OVERKILL; I was all too excited to have received their newest Live Album: “Live In Overhausen” to review, having seen them once Live in Overlondon (that is not quite right…) in 2014… I can reassure you that the quartet deliver a brilliant performance of true Thrash Metal expertise, and this here album is no exception. 21 tracks ranging at around 1:51:19, the band convey a hard-hitting slab of concretely solid chaotic mayhem. Revisiting their debut record “Feel The Fire”; as well as their 5th record “Horrorscope”, both performed Live in their entirety.

Starting off with battering “Coma”, the band demonstrate their roots with some old-school Thrash Metal intricacies. Consisting of main man Bobby “BlitzEllsworth; the frontman needs no introduction, as his vocals conveys on clean amalgamated with high-pitched extremity - generated with a brilliant stage presence. “Infectious” is a heavy-hitting metal injection; fuelled by fire and energetically relentless combustion, portraying a complex distinction of dexterity, grit and raw speed. “Blood Money” has bouncy executions, converged with profusely robust dynamics - groovy and pummelling riffs from bassist D.D. Verni. Thumping his strings with triumphant strength, demonstrating efficiently composed rhythms solidified with pulverizing clarity. “Thanx For Nothin’” distributes the constructive developments of melodious efficaciousness, showcasing Dave Linsk’s dominantly dynamic hymns of destruction. “Bare Bones” is a catchy headbanger; opening with a pianist element until the pounding wrath of OVERKILL hammers you in the face with red hot, speedy steel - while the titular track of “Horrorscope” begins with a scary start, establishing deadly hostility with mid-tempo punchlines grooves.

New Machine” arranges an excelling chorus section, designed with creative characteristics fabricated with that drive to get the crowd singing. Rhythm guitarist Derek Tailor provides an acute aesthetic of fluidly polished substance and patterns which flow with flamboyantly savage craftsmanship, the razor sharp roughness in “Frankenstein” embellishes on proficiently unprecedented performances - the berserk thrashing expertly grinds with malicious domination and captivating contrast. “Live Young, Die Free” keeps the barraged assault of rampaging onslaughts in full effect, with frenzied ripping of rapidly swift nimbleness - the band shine on with a grandiose manifestation of prompt skill in “Soulitude”, which finishes off the 1st record of the “Horrorscope” album - overall, a great disc played Live.

Next up is the 2nd full-length album played Live in its entirety the debut: “Feel The Fire”; beginning with their first song: “Raise The Dead”, the crowd thirsts for more rip-roaring action as the band pleases them with more 80s old-school malevolence. “Rotten To The Core” has battle hardened distinctions, viciously stampeding with maniacal invigoration and inventfully diverse variety - ultimately persisting with smashing beats of rage. Speaking of beats… drummer Ron Lipnicki consistently rattles his set with excellent vehemence, as “There’s No Tomorrow” flourishes with deadly prominence - effortlessly lifting up with weighted brawn and exciting musical entertainment. “Second Son” has similarities yet still keeping a potency of organic meatiness, blistering away with thunderous technicalities.

Hammerhead” is your typical thrasher, a borderline foundation of punchline enjoyability and crunchy salubriousness - the band scream with a vengeance in this one, taking no prisoners as they charge their instruments with finesse and stability. The titular track has a silver lining of collateral damage, furiously engaging a force of wild remorselessness. “Blood And Iron” pumps up with great songwriting originality, with a hint of operatic chorus sections that get you singing along with a memorable experience. “Kill At Command” is their rarer songs played Live, adeptly performed as the band exceedingly represent it with splendidly detailed results. Everyone’s favourite track “Overkill” overall concludes the album, with the encore being the 2nd favourite track: “Fuck You” completing the set.

Bottom line; OVERKILL are one of the forerunners of 80s Thrash Metal, and “Live In Overhausen” is certainly a great addition to your collection – a crystal clear sound production makes this one of best Live Metal albums of 2018, a must get.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Sound Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Coma
2. Infectious
3. Blood Money
4. Thanx For Nothin’
5. Bare Bone
6. Horrorscope
7. New Machine
8. Frankenstein
9. Live Young, Die Free
10. Nice Day… for A Funeral
11. Soulitude
12. Raise The Dead
13. Rotten To The Core
14. There’s No Tomorrow
15. Second Son
16. Hammerhead
17. Feel The Fire
18. Blood And Iron
19. Kill At Command
20. Overkill
21. Fuck You
Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth - Vocals
D.D. Verni - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave Linsk - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Derek Tailer - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ron Lipnicki - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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