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Overkill – Killbox 13

Killbox 13
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 October 2010, 11:10 PM

Even if in the present, OVERKILL chose to turn back to their old school selves, it is maybe not that of a bad idea to turn back and look upon one of their older achievements. Seven years ago, 2003, OVERKILL released their thirteenth album, "Killbox 13", an album that exemplifies true modern Thrash Metal. Even before OVERKILL’s face turned to become a new wave of Thrash in the new millennia, there were signs of it when the band entered the second half of the 90’s decade. With the all the groove music that touched Metal in those days, Overkill just couldn’t miss it.

"Killbox 13"was released by Metal Mind Productions along with the band’s later album, two years after, of "ReliXIV". On this particular album, it seems like the mastering crew didn’t need to touch what was already there. The production rate of this album, from the first place, was top notch with its modern spikes. The whole team of the original production involved the known Colin Richardson, Roger Lian, Dave Manheimer and Jon D’uva. When it came down the overall quality, OVERKILL knew who to choose for the job and the results can be heard.

Material wise, for OVERKILL fans over the years, the band’ didn’t change their approach towards their themes, yet their means of conveying their words changed as the years went by. From the old school shreds of "Feel The Fire" and "Years Of Decay", OVERKILL was able to lunge themselves as an updated band. That is why new features in their music can be fully heard after their "The Killing Kind" album, dated back to 1996. Modernity captured the band on its elements as groove, breakdowns (which are rather seen in Metalcore or Nu Metal), however, the old school flame never burnt out in these guys. Nevertheless, it sounds modern and it feels new, the old school is still there. You have a few proofs as “Struck Down”, “I Rise”, “Unholy” and even hints on better songs as “The Sound Of Dying”, “Devil By The Tail”, “The One” and “Crystal Clear”. From this end it seems like OVERKILL never intended on leaving their loyal old school crowd while keeping on showing how Thrash should be made in the new age. However, with the emergence of their new "Ironbound", the found back their old school safe haven.

Overall, "Killbox 13" has its ways with the new OVERKILL visage, yet, you can’t produce heavy and groove Thrash tunes without relying on the masters, or better said, your old self. Touches of the past are there through "Killbox 13". However, if you like the older OVERKILL and you still like them today, you will dig this one. Maybe it cannot consider a relic of theirs, yet, it pounds and it’s a share of crazy moments and the most important of all, it is labeled OVERKILL on the cover. That should be enough of a reason for you purchase this remastered album.

4 Star Rating

  1. Devil By The Tail
  2. Damned
  3. No Lights
  4. The One
  5. Crystal Clear
  6. The Sound Of Dying
  7. Until I Die
  8. Struck Down
  9. Unholy
  10. I Rise
Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth - Vocals
Carlos "D.D." Verni - Bass, Vocals
Dave Linsk - Lead Guitar
Derek ''The Skull'' Tailer - Rhythm Guitar
Tim Mallare – Drums
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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