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Overlord - Overlord's Perpetual (CD)

Overlord's Perpetual
by Eleni Mouratoglou at 29 March 2005, 3:20 AM

It has proved to be intriguing reviewing albums of Greek bands. It's not only that I can be proud of them if they release something good, but also that, especially when they live in the same city as me, I may have already met them in clubs, cafes and venues and have many common acquaintances. This fact certainly gives the whole music thing another dimension. Overlord (obviously this is a nickname) belongs to the people in the local music industry who I happen to know in person a little.
I first got in touch with his music over a year and a half ago, when I saw a very well-for the standards of a still amateur artist-made video-clip of the song I'll Never Cry Again. I both liked the song and the clip as it reminded me of the 80's Hair Metal bands I adore, in a quite cliche but promising way. Catchy riffs, melodic keys, an addictive refrain and an impressive voice made this track a personal favourite, plus the clip was partly shot in a friend's cafe and I know all the people who played in it. Imagine how it would feel watching friends of yours in a video clip of a song that simulates the songs all of you have been partying with many clubbing-to-morning nights!
Perpetual is different than I expected it to be back then. Overlord is a guitar teacher in his everyday life and this is depicted in his compositions. I am not a guitar player myself and my perception of virtuosity ends to where the how the hell can he make his fingers move so fast? reaction comes. The 21 year old guitarist has an apparent idol, no other than Yngwie Malmsteen. Since I was able to perceive this I suppose you understand that we're talking about a really skilful musician.
The album follows the Neo Classical Metal path to its melodic direction and it focuses on guitar, which is rational as all the music, lyrics and arrangements belong to Overlord. 3 of the 9 tracks, the intro, Empire Of Shadows and the outro, are instrumentals perfectly combining the speed of the guitar with the magnitude of excellent, monumental keys played by the usual suspect Bob Katsionis (Battleroar, Nightfall, Imaginery, Casius Belli, Septic Flesh, Magic Kingdom, Firewind), who always reinforces the common belief that he is by far the best keyboardist in Greece. The rest of the line-up is also remarkable; Fotis Giannakopoulos (Innerwish, Septic Flesh) on drums and Manolis Axiotis (Phantom Lord) on vocs certify the professionalism and ambition of this work seen from either sides: Overlord turned to already successful musicians and those successful musicians decided to take part in his debut.  
Axiotis has a very solid voice with exceptional high tunes and passionate performance that serves all the 6 songs he is in. Katsionis impresses not only when he leads but also when his role is more accompanying. Overlord exhibits a song-writing talent except for his taken for granted technical capacity. The album, which was released on January 28 2005, as total is a nice try, fresh and pleasant to the ear and allows optimism for its creator's future. Notice that he has already performed as support act in one of the two W.A.S.P. shows in Athens last November.
Well done!
- Album Highlights: I'll Never Cry Again, I Can't Wait, The Overlord, Immortal Hymn .

4 Star Rating

Immortal Hymn
Prince Of Darkness
Empire Of Shadows
The Overlord
I Can't Wait
I'll Never Cry Again
Overlord - Guitar & Bass
Bob Katsionis - Keyboards
Vasilis Axiotis - Vocals
Fotis Giannakopoulos - Drums
Record Label: Sonic Age Records


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