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Overlorde SR - Medieval Metal Too

Overlorde SR
Medieval Metal Too
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 April 2012, 1:16 PM

Is this another resurrected US Heavy Metal band out of the catacombs of the 80s glory or is it a new band wishing to sound similar to that amazing era? Well, the correct answer if the first. OVERLORDE SR, not sure what the SR stands for, was founded more than thirty years ago in the US, just when the NWOBHM began flourishing in the UK. Like most of the known Metal bands back in the early 80s, OVERLORDE SR had, and probably still has today, the captivating influence of NWOBHM in their music. The band’s peak career moment was their featuring in the famous Metal Blade’s Metal Massacre series, in the eighth volume, with the song “Keeper Of The Flame”, which is a pretty nice tune yet not the best of what came next. After 1989 there is no record of their continuing existence, probably broke up only to make a comeback in the last two years. “Medieval Metal Too”, via Heaven & Hell Records, is the first out of two releases promised by the band. This particular album consists of early demos that were once released under a different name but at least now they are all wrapped together and licensed.

What I like about these kinds of compilation releases is that through the presented relics from the past you can actually understand what the band went through in their first years and their journey for a hopeful success. In the case of OVERLORDE SR, the success part hasn’t quite reached its full potential just yet, at least from end. When it came to development, OVERLORDE SR took a slight turn out of the classic and melodic nature of NWOBHM and into the rather heavier approach of the American scene. Though they shared quite great harmonies just as any NWOBHM band played and composed, the music is rather groovier with a variety of traditional Metal oriented riffing along with a little dose of Hard Rock.

“Enchantress of the Night” had that VAN HALEN like opening until it reached the point where the Metal edge began blowing off steam with great melodies and steady mid tempo smacks. The chorus is pretty simple and to the point handled by the one single member that remained from the early days, Steve V. Sosa Jr..The song itself might be the basic thing in Metal nowadays, and even for the standards of the early days, yet it is flowing, pumping blood and enjoyable. “So Be It”, probably a later demo due to its better sound production, seemed to be an escalation in the band’s Metal music. It is way heavier with chugging riffing and a gruesome like attitude. “Trouble”, another step forward for OVERLORDE SR and the wildest example of the compilation, revealed a new set of vocals. Though Steve V. Sosa the only vocalist registered in the band’s lineups, he must have went through a certain change in approach from the NWOBHM oriented vocals and into the American raspy buzzing. All in all, it this song shares clearly a Hard Rock dimension that went well with the changing band.

“Medieval Metal Too” presents a little history lesson in order to bring back attention to the once great band. OVERLORDE SR didn’t change anything with their music and their tracks showed more than the average Joe. It will be interesting to see how they will manage their material nowadays, especially since their local scene has gone very modern both in sound and Metal approach. 

3 Star Rating

1. Full Speed Ahead
2. Keeper of the Flame
3. Enchantress of the Night
4. In the Year 2525 (Zager & Evans cover)
5. Knights of the Realm
6. So Be It
7. Trouble
8. Keeper of the Flame (Metal Massacre Version) 
Steve V. Sosa Jr.-Vocals
Zip- Drums
George 'Wildman' Koerber- Guitar
Craig Dunham- Guitar
Rick Lewis- Bass

Past Members
Darrelln Collins- Bass
Robbie Green- Guitar
Stanley Draughon- Guitar
Lewis Hernandez- Guitar
Gary Fisher- Bass
Larry Bledsoe- Drums
Record Label: Heaven & Hell Records


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