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Overloud - Altered Ego Award winner

Altered Ego
by Eldad “Blacknasa” Stainbook at 12 April 2015, 3:42 PM

Everybody knows that Glam metal and Hard rock is rising, even in the genres’ twilight years; maybe on the rise is a little exaggerated statement however there are many bands in Glam Metal and if you thing about STEEL PANTHER, you are right. I myself wrote many reviews in the last years about the Glam Metal and Hard Rock and many times it’s more Hard rock meets Glam Metal, so I will not hide my attraction to this genre. I usually to listen to band from Sweden , UK and even Italy that goes all the way with Glam and hard rock but this is my first time with a Spanish band that do Glam .

OVERLOUD are from Spain, it’s a small city named San Sebastian or should I say Donostia in Basque, however don’t let the small town look fool you; these guys are a full blown glam metal extravaganza.

So after the introduction let’s talk album wise, so it’s OVERLOUD’s first album, at least that’s what I know. The album name is “Altered Ego” very interesting name to a band that shows off their abilities , it’s evident in the clip they have (we will discuss it later), “Altered Ego” comes with thirteen tracks , what I call value for money , if we take out the first track that is an instrumental we get a full blown twelve Glam crazy tracks. OVERLOUD seems to take all the best from all classic Glam band from MOTLEY CRUE with “Swallow my Love” and  “Lock ´em Up” or GUNS & ROSES with “Passport to Paradise” and “Heaven”

Track six “Desert Law” also has a great video clip that shows the explosiveness of the band, however don’t trade lightly the track itself is very good, more of Southern Glam metal, a great track with great vocals.

All track are infused Glam and Hard rock, a great start for what looks like a great future to this band, I do think that we will hear more from OVERLOUD.

4 Star Rating

1. Altered Ego
2. Passport to paradise
3. Swallow my love
4. Lock ´ em up
5. Devil in me
6. Desert Law
7. Cry on my shoulder
8. Girl of misery
9. Running fast
10. Homeless
11. Tonite
12. Thanks for nothing
13. Heaven
Ion Ziaurriz
Alex Gomez
Javi iturrarte
Juan Martinez
Borja Etxeberria
Record Label: Independent


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