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Oversense - Egomania Award winner

by Mark Machlay at 01 September 2021, 6:27 AM

Last summer, German modern melodic metal band OVERSENSE teased their fans with their “White Wolf (Quarantine version)” single, providing a kick-off point from their “Startnext” crowd-funding campaign to finance this sophomore effort “Egomania” due out on September 17th. Now one of the emerging acts of the European metal scene, the band started back in 2012 when multi-talented singer, guitarist and keyboardist Danny Meyer and drummer Patrick Lippert met and started writing songs together. Along with bassist and second guitarist at the time, Marco Volpert, the band released their 6-song EP, “Dreamcatcher” in October of 2014 followed by their full-length album “The Storyteller” in 2017 and received excellent international reviews. Some line-up changes quickly followed with Jasmin ‘Jassy J” Pabst being named as permanent guitarist for the band the following winter. Jassy J, known from her Youtube channel “JJ’s One Girl Band”, boasts nearly 260,000 fans around the world and continues to post videos on her channel to this day.

With a new line-up confirmed, the band began in earnest on their sophomore full-length release and second with Dr Music Records. The album was a true labor of love and a long time coming with band leader Danny Keyer again at the helm, produced and mixed at his Sunway Studios. Keyer commented about the upcoming release and long-time partnership with the record label, “After three years of passionate hard work on “Egomania”, we can hardly wait to finally present our latest baby to our fans and all metalheads around the world. You can feverishly look forward to eleven brand-new tracks that redefine the OVERSENSE sound in a heavier, bombastic, and unique style. Once again, we are looking forward to a great collaboration with our partners from Dr. Music Records.” The mastering was handled by AVANTASIA keyboardist Miro Rodenberg as well as Olaf Reitmeier of the Gate Studio, famous for being used by the likes of KAMELEOT, EPICA, and KISSIN’ DYNAMITE. It features artwork designed by Björn Gooßes known also under his artist name “Killustrations” and dynamic band photos provided by Stephan Grass, also known as “BlackSally”.

With the rather nihilistic cover art of OVERSENSE’s “Egomania” at first, I thought it would sound more like mid-2000s emo-style hard rock, but I was dead wrong, and they surprised me with every turn. Opening track “Toast to the Devil” at first reminded me of NICKLEBACK’s recent harder edge turn with their most recent album “Feed the Machine” but with the melodic guitar solos turned up to max. But then I was thrown for a loop with the next track, the power metal inspired epic “The Longing” with relentless pursuing galloping guitars and drums juxtaposed with a quieter turn and Meyer’s excellent chameleon-like vocal prowess. Meyer has an uncanny ability to suit the song, as on the first track he had a more modern metal growl, to the power metal, melodic prowess but also could be brooding and take on a more Til Lindemann of RAMMSTEIN-style baritone on the down-tuned almost nu-metal-tinged “Tear Me Down”. There are some choice tracks with guest vocals that propel them into even other metal genres – such as the symphonic metal turn, duetting with SNOW WHITE BLOOD singer Ulli Perhonen. An honorable mention needs to go the mixing and mastering team for creating such a captivating mix as well. The guitar tone is fat, juicy and trebly just the way I like it and new addition Jassy J’s guitar solos simply leap out and demand the listener’s ear. Though, I do wish guitars weren’t as in your face as they were, as at times the drums got a little lost as well as the bass guitar as well. Despite that, I would recommend “Egomania” as it’s just a great romp through many different melodic metal sub-genres and it’s clear the band are having so much fun on this record.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Toast to the Devil
2. The Longing
3. Be
4. My Eden
5. Tear Me Down
6. Love
7. Faith
8. Rave
9. Antisocial
10. Memories
11. Extinction
Danny Meyer – Vocals, Guitar & Keyboard
Jasmin ‘Jassy J” Pabst – Guitar
Marco Volpert – Bass & Vocals
Patrick Lippert – Drums & Vocals
Record Label: Dr. Music Records


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