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Oversense - The Storyteller

The Storyteller
by Craig Rider at 06 October 2017, 1:17 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: OVERSENSE; signed via Dr. Music Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Melodic Power Metal, on their debut album entitled “The Storyteller” (released May 12th, 2017).

Since formation in 2012; the quintet in question have only 1 EP behind them entitled “Dreamcatcher” (released October 21st, 2014), and the debut album “The Storyteller”. 12 tracks ranging at around 01:08:42; I went in with medium expectations, I originally expected an intricately designed Power Metal formula that comprised of MANOWAR based influences. The first song “Forgotten Tales” made me think otherwise with its pianist introduction and Danny Meyer's unique vocalization attributes, coming across as proficiently organic and interesting for this type of substance. “Wild Hunt” at first glance felt a little bland with its long-winded vocal-only arrangement, luckily the developments progressively provide more technical merits as the instrumentation and musicianship showcase diverse variety immensely as the record progresses. It didn't take long to grow on me, thankfully.

Consisting of Marcel Winkler & Marco Volpert on guitars, the complex dexterous duo construct chugging and galloping riffs - especially in the song “Mr. Mackie's Chase For Love” which had a groovy aesthetic and kept me pleasantly motivated. “Purgatory” had a much deeper flavor of solid and melodic arrangements, amalgamating with that deadly Power Metal element. Powerhouse bassist Lisa Geiß supplies an efficient amount of sound production implementations; “Sally” has an original and memorably catchy songwriting establishment, which contrives of hard-hitting yet harmonic enlightenments that are very much admirable - with nice acoustics and upbeat methods. “We're Gonna Bring You Thunder” presents Patrick Lippert's pummeling drumming adroitness and melodious complexions that gave me a fulfilling experience, one of the record's highlights for sure.

Phobia” brought conceptual enticements while compiled with the explosive orchestrations, which massively examined more unprecedented manifestations for the chosen sub-genre in place; all these surprising characteristics are commendable and flourishingly delightful. “Last Goodbye” is another prominently dominant recording, around this portion of the record things get relentlessly stimulating which excites me with thunderous modifications. “The Heart Begins To Shiver” returns the acoustics full force while showcasing versatile delicacies from all members; ballad and symphonic diligence shroud this one. “When The Undead Rise” is a menacing and magnificent slab of euphoric music, with its abundant amount of coherent distinctions making this an unparalleled discovery. “Through The Panther's Eyes” closes the record with highly energetic tempos, chugging and choppy solos and full to the brim catchy hooks with an epic sing a long chorus.

Overall concluding “The Storyteller” with the behemoth of a bonus track “Big Bang” which pulverized myself with hammering results; I can clarify that this was a cracking debut that fans of MANOWAR, SABATON, and RHAPSODY will appreciate. Recommended.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Forgotten Tales (Instrumental)
2. Wild Hunt
3. Mr. Mackie's Chase For Love
4. Purgatory
5. Sally
6. We're Gonna Bring You Thunder
7. Phobia
8. Last Goodbye
9. The Heart Begins To Shiver
10. When The Undead Rises
11. Through The Panther's Eyes
12. Big Bang (Bonus Track)
Danny Meyer - Vocals
Marcel Winkler - Guitars
Marco Volpert - Guitars
Lisa Geiß - Bass
Patrick Lippert - Drums
Record Label: Dr. Music Records


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