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Overtures – Rebirth

by Cory A. Jones at 02 February 2012, 9:23 PM

Just how many good bands from Italy can you think of? Honestly, at the moment, only two come to my mind; LACUNA COIL, and the incredibly super-duper fucking kick-ass Prog-Rock legends GOBLIN (look, em up kids.). I’m sure there are more, but even if those two account for the majority; it’s still not a bad output. Now we can add one more name to the Italian sector of Rock/Metal awesomeness: OVERTURES.

So OVERTURES is a melodic Power Metal quintet that is all new to me, but after only one listen to their new album “Rebirth”; it is quite clear to me that this band has all of the potential to become one of the heavy-hitters of the Power Metal pantheon. They bring a wealth of heavy riffs, awesome vocal delivery, and variety to the fold in this album.

The entire album is highly enjoyable, but the standout tracks for me are the first single “Fly, Angel” and “The Prophecy”. The album has a lot of twists and turns, and keeps the ride interesting the whole way though. I found virtually no flaws with the sound, and my only real complaint is the length of it. I think this album could have been much better if shortened by a track or two. Not that any of it wasn’t enjoyable, but it does get a bit drawn out toward the end. It’s a small thing to bitch about though. I just like structure in an album. I also think OVERTURES can do a bit more in the line of variety. There is plenty to keep this album solid, but a bit more variety would make a big difference. These things kept this album falling well short of masterpiece status, but it is very good.

I have to say, in all honestly; I would keep an eye on this band. I really do believe we might see them on par with the likes of FIREWIND, HELLOWEEN, SONATA ARCTICA, EDGUY… Y’know, the big guys. I think OVERTURES has everything it takes to be a great band, and if they keep making killer records like this one; the sky is the limit. Do yourself a favour and grab this record! Highly recommended.

4 Star Rating

1. Here We Fall
2. Fly, Angel
3. You Can’t Spit On Me
4. Delirium
5. Farewell
6. Not Too Late
7. The Prophecy
8. My Name Is Fear
9. Easy
10. Daemons
11. Not Too Late (acoustic)
Andrea Cum– Drums
Marco Falanga– Guitar
Michele Guatoli– Vocals
Luka Klanjscek- Bass
Daniele Piccolo-Guitar
Record Label: Sleaszy Rider Records


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