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Pyriphlegethon – Night Of Consecration

Night Of Consecration
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 02 January 2016, 2:11 AM

PYRIPHLEGETHON is a Black Metal band based out of the Netherlands. The band is composed of one member and is named after one of the rivers that flows though the infernal regions of the underworld. The dystopian tones of the short instrumental “Cursed In Moonlight” lead into the madness that is “Black Depths Beyond The Gates”. The shrieking vocals echo loudly over a landscape of cymbal crashes and a riff that can best be described as organized chaos. The underlying sound is more despondent than evil. “An Ancient Spell” is a slower, more methodical song with a three-chord progression that starts somewhat bright but drills down deeper and darker. “The Earth Blackened By Infernal Curse” solidifies the traditional Black Metal approach to the album, with the traditional two chord change that keeps the sound on minor keys. One thing that hasn’t reared its head so far is the quiet interlude passages often heard in this genre. Instead, the music is more straightforward in a unified sound.“The Red Robe Order” is an intense, dissonant sounding track full of doom and despair. It chases you through the darkness with eyes that burn holes in your back as you try to escape.

The vocals near the mid mark of the song sound like they are coming from Satan himself. The brief, haunting piano notes in “Silence Of The Grave” lead into “Rising Of The Satanic Majesty.” The composer risks a little more melody within the chord progressions here which take in some major key that keep the blackness tempered somewhat. This isn’t to suggest that the emptiness is not there, it’s just withheld somewhat bringing in some variation to the album as a whole. “The Burning Throne” takes advantage of an ethereal guitar opening with heavy vibrato, leading to a plodding, dominating sound in the main verses. The slowness of the pace keeps the crushing riff at the forefront of your listening experience here.

The title track, “Night Of Consecration,” closes the album. I find this song ushers in some more  elements of suspense and evil, and the grinding, decelerated pace really allows these elements  to be at the forefront. It’s pure depression in its simplest form. It’s the feeling that nothing  good is left in the world and you are doomed to exist in utter darkness. Overall I find that this is pretty well done for a one-man act, and the first full-length album from the artist. Though there wasn’t much in terms of risk taking, the sound remains true to the style and I would be interested in hearing future offerings.

3 Star Rating

1. Cursed In Moonlight
2. Black Depths Beyond The Gate
3. An Ancient Spell
4. The Earth Blackened By Infernal Curse
5. The Red Robe Order
6. Silence Of The Grave
7. Rising Of The Satanic Majesty
8. The Burning Throne
9. Kingdoms Fall To Ruin
10. Night Of Consecration
Maurice De Jong – Everything
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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