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The Offering – The Offering

The Offering
The Offering
by Jess at 05 December 2017, 3:25 PM

THE OFFERING, a Heavy Metal band based out of the USA, formed in 2015. They describe themselves as a blending of old school with modern brutality for a bold new sound to Metal. Their influencers include: JUDAS PREIST, SLIP KNOT, IN FLAMES, DREAM THEATER, ect. They released their debut EP in February 2017. If it is any indication from which they are influenced, this should be good. “The Offering”, their debut EP release, comes in with five tracks with a listening time of just under 26 minutes.

Track one, “Rat King”, comes in with pounding drums and galloping guitars. The perfect makings of Heavy Metal. The vocals come in high and bellowing with a touch of Power and Hair Metal essence, but then the gutturals come in and throw what you know into the wind. This mixture of vocals is interesting, but the music where it’s at. It is hard, heavy, and all goodness.

Tales of Hell”, track two, is biting. This is a stand out on the EP. There isn’t quite as much bellowing singing in this track and the backdrop is killer. The guitar solo mixes that old flow with a new sound and it is phenomenal. The bass is thickly chugging and the drums help keep this one fast and clean. I enjoyed the vocals in this one immensely. There is some bellow-y, singing parts, but mostly kept lower, harsher, and a bit raspier.

The final track “The Offering” comes in softer and airier, but the underlying angst is notable. When the vocals come in, we get drug under in the heaviness. The changes in rhythm keeps it from being too crushing though. This is another track that is just insanely good. Every bit of it is artful and masterful. There is a duality; brutal and heavy elements tangled with an airy, free-flowing sound.

This EP from THE OFFERING is good; really good. They have all the talent and musicianship needed to see fandom. I am not sold on the crazy high-pitched vocals, but there are alternating growls and deeper cleans that help balance the overall sound out. The music goes from free-flowing to crushing as swiftly as it goes back. This EP is a nice start to what could be a lucrative career for these guys.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Rat King
2. Tales of Hell
3. The Well
4. Witch Pit
5. The Offering
Alexander Richichi - Vocals
Daniel Martinez - Guitar
Nishad George - Guitar
Steve Finn - Drums
Yoav Ruiz-Feingold - Bass
Record Label: Century Media


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