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Premortal Breath - They

Premortal Breath
by Matt Coe at 28 August 2014, 5:42 PM

Beginning in 2010, PREMORTAL BREATH started with an easy goal: to create a Heavy, Melodic Metal band with a fresh sound. After recording a demo in the fall, they’ve worked their way around Germany to share the stage with EMERALD, MESSENGER, and VANDERBUYST among others. “They” is their self-released debut album, containing 8 songs of guitar-oriented Melodic Metal, the musical component very tight with occasional groove-aspects to break up the Traditional and Power riffs.

Most of the material has the substance and style of mid-period METAL CHURCH and METALLICA, as well as the rhythmic aspects that occasional veer into Modern Metal territory. Sebastian and Tobias possess great intuitive chord progressions and knowledge of when to go full bore and when they need to lay back into a solid rhythmic platform- check out the heads down “Your Ruin” and moodier “Trapped” where they are able to add numerous melody spices for some of their best work.

The biggest deal breaker for digging deeper into these 8 songs is the vocal performance of Thomas Bürger. Hoarse and often off key when trying to actually sing, the man just doesn’t possess a convincing metal voice, everything just very monotone and often following the riff with little imagination. It’s one thing to be gritty and semi-growly if you are in a Thrash or Death Metal act, but this is more in a Traditional/ Power style, and as such most listeners are going to expect a strong, convincing vocal to match the music muscle. “Into the Light” and the title track are two of the worst offenders, making this a tough go to consistently get through all 8 songs.

PREMORTAL BREATH has a lot of work ahead of themselves if they hope to move beyond headlining gigs in their hometown and the occasional opening slot for bigger bands. There’s always hope though, so maybe “They” will be the impetus for major changes.

2 Star Rating

1. Your Ruin
2. Into the Light
3. Fuck My Brain
4. Pain
5. They
6. Pleasure
7. Trapped
8. Bloody Baby Shower
Thomas Bürger – Vocals
Sebastian Herbold – Guitar
Tobias Eymer – Guitar
Dominik Eymer – Bass
Thomas Pettrich – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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