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Feanor – Power Of The Chosen One

Power Of The Chosen One
by Patrick McMahon at 19 March 2021, 6:41 AM

FEANOR are at it again, bringing their closure to the album “The Triumph Of Steel” with this, “Power Of The Chosen One”. The press pack on this album comes heavily laden with praise and several seemingly potent details on the band. It should be noted up front then that the album was produced with absolutely no MIDI drums, no plugins, and no synths. Also brought in is the title “True Metal” to separate this band from perhaps other bands that are not true. I apologize if that comes off strongly. I think any band that embraces their metal emphasis and creates music reflecting that should probably be in the same category. The album is slated for release on the 23rd of April.

The first track on the release, also available currently as a single, is “Rise Of The Dragon”. With a screech, the track begins and pounds away on its kick drum notes. A blistering drum fill brings a start to vocals that, with few exceptions, lay the groundwork for the entire track. There is a break around the three minute mark, leading in to a blistering guitar solo that misses the mark for me. It seems speed takes the crown with the section, and the overall feel does not give added emphasis or cohere with the song as a whole. The chorus on this one will definitely catch fire and stay with you for some time! “Power Of The Chosen One” brings about a change in tempo. The track has a much slower tempo, and makes you want to groove along mindlessly just savoring the classic vibe. The almost six minute epic does little in the way of variety, but some of the lighter details come through clear as day. A pre-chorus for instance rings like a bell and is just a sweet note amongst the soundscape. The guitar solo segment is vastly improved in my opinion, offering some sweeter harmonies that are playful with the track. The track even walks out on melodious guitar leads, though they are also spiked with shred demon spices.

“Bringer Of Pain” is an easy favorite for me, in a deep and dark feel that captures a different side of the band. Variety is the spice of life after all. I feel like after poking holes in some of the guitar work on this album, this track especially deserves my attention. Almost none of the excessive flash is apparent in the guitar leads in this track, and it feels much more musical and down to earth as a whole piece. Fantastic work. I would be remiss if I did not bring attention to the most detailed track on this album, “The Return Of The Metal King”. A near 20 minute epic, this comes off slightly less “true” and more “episodic prog”. The track lists the origin of this story as a deep reading and scrupulous analysis (with months of study) of “The Odyssey”. I also enjoyed that read! Holy great goodness, this track goes through so many changes that they should be listed!

Part 1 – Athenea’s Plea
Part 2 – The Sound Of Thunder
Part 3 – Awaken On Sherie
Part 4 – Twelve Ships Of High Adventure
Part 5 – Odysseus’s Mirror
Part 6 – The Ride Of Telemachus
Part 7 – A Song Of Sirens
Part 8 – Odysseus Prays At Thrinacia
Part 9 – Slaying The Suitors

What an offering! This track really lays it all out there for the listener, and it is wonderful. Personally I save my praise on this work for the bass guitar through Part 4, punchy and rebellious, as it gives the music some real depth. I am going to come straight out and say that I did not have high expectations from this album. That may be skewed due to the “True Metal” badge being displayed before I began the album. Honestly, the whole album has positive and negative points, but that is the risk taken by musicians trying to put out something unique. If you like the classics, and pride yourself on music that is far from digital, this is 100% up your alley. Outside of that it is just a fun listen, I would recommend it.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 10

3 Star Rating

1. Rise Of The Dragon
2. Power Of The Chosen One
3. This You Can Trust
4. Metal Land
5. Hell Is Waiting
6. Together Forever
7. Bringer Of Pain
8. Lost In Battle
9. Fighting For A Dream
10. The Return Of The Metal King (The Odyssey In 9 Parts)
Sven D’Anna - Vocals
David “The Shred Demon” Shankle - Guitar
Walter “The Scorpion” Hernandez - Guitar
Gustavo Feanor Acosta – Bass / Piano
Emiliano Wachs - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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