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Pacino - Fallen America

Fallen America
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 17 July 2018, 7:39 AM

Formed few years ago by the meeting between drummer Douglas D'Este, guitar-player Francesco Bozzato and keyboardist Bruno Zocca, the line-up was completed with the addition of singer Mattia Briggi right after. PACINO has a sound of their own. First of all, they use synth-bass instead of a real one, which is kind of special and original in the rock scene. The albums has eight tracks Track one is the title track, and starts with synth bass immediately to show us what sound they have, and let you know what this is about. It’s not for all listeners, but many will find it original and cool.It’s not the best track for a title one, but it opens the path to their realm. The vocals are great, Layne Staley (ALICE IN CHAINS) enthusiasts will find some similarities in the singing technique exposed here.

"Lately" is the second track, and they're going in a kind of burlesque, circus feel. Synth bass is pretty annoying at moments…I like it but when it comes too loud I don't like it. The song is quite interesting however. The lyrics here are borderline vulgar sometimes, and for me this isn't essential to do that. A few guitar solo works are cool. The song structure is original, and they have their own sound. The third Track "Lifestyle" intro has a FOO FIGHTERS feeling and once it’s started, we go to somewhere else. The chorus sounds like a mashup of ALICE IN CHAINS Layne Staley and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Scott Weiland. This track could easily be played on radio. It has potential and sounds great, and delivers a great feeling.

"Our Desert Trip" is smoother, with lightly fuzzed guitar and clean vocals. The drums are pounding lightly, all is smooth, and Mattia Briggi is telling a personal tale with great emotion. A few "Fender Rhodes" like synth can be heard and we are offered a relaxing solo with "wah-wah". Briggi sounds great in this one. "Out of the Cage" is a song that would sound great while driving a car! It has cool electronic effects, and quite a nice vibe. I prefer the vocals I had in the first tracks though. "Iknusa" has a nice groove. Oh my god, is it Mike Patton singing ? It sounds a lot like MR. BUNGLE. Once you reach the chorus zone, you can hear the "FAITH NO MORE" influence.

In "The Misanthrope, we are again in the FAITH NO MORE world but they incorporate more of their own sound in this one, it’s more of a hybrid than IKNUSA.  It's also reminiscent of old  RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS in some ways .Quite a moving one, I like it. It definitely has potential for a live performance. Near the end, it slows all down with piano and clean singing charged with emotions and synth accompanying it quite well. I'm not sure I understand the finale, however. In the final track "Under my Feet," we get back to PACINO’s unique style. It seems more personal and original, with a nice few guitar solos and cool drums. It’s nothing sophisticated here, but it finished a little promptly an that’s nicely done. I don't know if I like it or not overall. In some moments it’s cool,and it others I sometimes feel neutral. Potential is there but i can feel they're not sure yet where to head. They have talent and it feels like they want us to know what they are capable of in this first album.The second one will be more cohesive and constant. I salute this great effort with enthusiasm and I'd like to hear what's next. I'm sure they will gain more confidence in choosing the path they're worthy of.

Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Fallen America
2. Lately
3. Lifestyle
4. Desert Trip
5. Out Of The Cage
6. Iknusa
7. The Misanthrope
8. Under My Feet
Mattia Briggi - Vocals
Francesco Bozzato - Guitars
Bruno Zocca - Keyboards, Synths
Douglas D'Este - Drums
Record Label: Burning Minds Music Group


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