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Pact –The Dragon Lineage of Satan

The Dragon Lineage of Satan
by Charl Du Plessis at 20 January 2012, 2:49 PM

It’s a pleasure to review the likes of the ever rising Black Metal America. Feeding the demand for new and fresh extreme music in a vast variety of acts that keeps producing the good stuff. Arguably part of the largest individual Black Metal following on the planet, even if just judged by pure numbers. Black Metal always seems to be alive and well in the US.

With an album cover reeking of old school imagery pointing to the fact that it’s still a dark and obscure sub culture, the ideology sits more soothing than disturbing in my books. Ridding itself of commercial connotations and gothic wankery, the theme of this album is strongly settled in the occult and related dark mysticism. I for one am not an expert in this field so I will allow the Crowley’s and the Nietzsche’s of this world to interpret it their way.

PACT conjures up their own brutal blend of generic overkill that has the heaviest of fans screaming for more. It’s pure maniac Metal for most of the 47 minutes. The band does nothing necessarily different to resurrect a new surge of Black Metal energy. But also not necessarily a bad thing, seeing the genre requires more true soldiers rather than the need to reinvent what has been done before. Being a new band, what they do they do well.  With a debut likes this, it’s a mighty entry into the metal scene.

Cold traditional guitar riffs cut deep into the melodies and truly stands out above the rest of the instruments. Blistering drum blasts with fair variation guides the typical Black Metal sound to the maximum. The voice behind the mayhem tears through the air and something the dark Lord himself would be proud of. A killer raw production that beats the living shit out your eardrums. It complements the spikes, the leather and the other prophanities that’s part and parcel of this total package. From the opening track these Pennsylvanian Black Metallers mean business. Occasionally crossing borders of epicenes this band explodes in total oblivion from about 0.5 seconds into of the album. Filled with uncompromising compositions that carries a real element of true heaviness from beginning to end. No pretending, no fanciness, just a straight forward hard beating in the balls. No fucking around at all. There’s not much time between tracks to catch your breath. It’s fast, aggressive and ultimately embraces extremity in all forms metal.

There are many bands playing this brand of Metal but there’s no doubt PACT gets my three horns up for doing their shit right. In time to come these guys could very well be right up there with the biggest names in the Black Metal arena. With this being their first official release it is a sign of seriously bad ass music to come. They cater for their audience and their elite audience alone. This is a well written journey through flesh eating guitars and grunt ridden melodies.

This album is definitely not for the faint hearted or soft cock bullshit imitators. I’m truly impressed with the brutality and devotion of “The Dragon Lineage of Satan” A well directed collection of dark tunes that hits the spot even after a few repeats in your stereo. If extreme Black Metal is your vice then add PACT to your collection.

4 Star Rating

1. Litanyto Satan
2. Into Heaven’s Night
3. Dreamless Death
4. Ecstasy and Illumination
5. The Flowers of Evil
6. The Middle Pillar
7. Ascention from the Fall
8. Terror of the Lower Astral (The Journey)
9. Suicide Sigil
10. A Vast Eternity
Hag– Vocals
Wretch– Guitars
T– Drums
Record Label: Moribund Cult Records


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