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Paganizer - Scandinavian Warmachine (CD)

Scandinavian Warmachine
by Elina Papadoyianni at 19 June 2009, 8:29 PM

PAGANIZER hail from Sweden and their sole purpose is to deliver teeth-grinding old school Metal that will make your neck snap like a twig. Their album is called Scandinavian Warmachine and - to be completely honest, combining the cover which looks like Transformers with the titles - I was expecting something completely different than what's inside this little silver disc of bad-ass.
This is a must have for any Death Metal fan and the first Death Metal release I enjoy this much ever since the latest BLOODBATH. The music performance and the production are solid and this is a release that is up to par with the biggest Death Metal names out there.
I didn't have much information on this release and what they've been up to since their last album since their website and MySpace page haven't been updated for a couple of years, it's awkward to do such a good job only to hide it from the public; the guys should really look into this.
I can't pick a favorite out of the Swedish Death Metal rollercoaster, all 16 tracks sound equally ass kicking and true to the genre. Don't expect melodic keyboards or progressive riffs, this is a straight up punch in the guts, they way it was meant to be. Recommended for all fans of songs with titles such as Distracting The Gods To Enable The Slaughter Of Millions and The Skies Bleed Napalm.

4 Star Rating

Forever Scorned
Scandinavian Warmachine
The Flesh
Thule In Flames
Distracting The Gods To Enable The Slaughter Of Millions
An Icon For The Damned
Bonesaw Bonanza
Cold Seed Burning The World
Morbid Panzer Battalion
Onward To Die
Punishment Through Defeat
The Skies Bleed Napalm
Undead Warhead
World Of Smoking Ruins
Roger Rogga Johansson - Guitar, Vocals
Patrik Halvarsson - Bass
Mattias Fiebig - Drums
Record Label: Cyclone Empire Records


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