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Paganland - From Carpathian Land

From Carpathian Land
by Shibalika Tamuli at 12 March 2017, 7:21 AM

PAGANLAND is an Ukrainian pagan black metal band and released the album "From  Carpathian  Land" in  November 2016, the lyrical theme being Heathenism  and  Witchcraft. Deeply rooted in local culture, the album sounds authentic and more in the Kvlt side of Black Metal, flashing around a very strong lyrical imagery and being quite poetic in nature. With restless sounding ice cold tremolos, blast beats, and beautiful keyboard sections, they blend the album with an atmospheric vibe still managing to sound quite symphonic yet raw at the same time.

The first track is a beautiful intro, dark and atmospheric, worshipping the cold melodies of winter. Beautiful blend of keyboards and classical guitar that leaves you drooling over a peaceful and later, when the sound gets aggressive, gloomy state of mind. The title track is what's bound to catch any listeners attention. The track comprises of heavy tremolos and subtle keys that are gentle and gorgeously blended. The vocals are amazing, harsh and high pitched gloomy black metal shrieks hailing the eternal realm of Carpathians! A decent starter for sure.

The second track is a new version of “Black Mountain” from 2013’s “Wind Of Freedom”. There are more resounding tempos and blast beats on the current album with guitars driving ice cold riffs and keys being more gentle that gives the band's characteristic sound a distinct new direction. Tracks like "Belted by Spirit" and "From Carpathian Land" are traditional Blackened Pagan Metal numbers straight out of the cold Ukrainian forests, with a heavier sound. The tracks definitely draw influences from bands like FINNTROLL, early BORKNAGAR and WINDIR. Nice synthesizer work drawing in the atmospheric elements.

“The Gloom” is a more keys oriented track, but guitars tend to take over more. Superb drumming, very atmospheric with lyrics reflecting the tragedies and thriving of the pagans at heart of winter. The track is like a cold misty morning dipped in sunshine at the end of a dark eternity that's cast in ice, as they say, "dispelling the gloom". The last track is yet another instrumental masterpiece, a peaceful melodious outro, cold and beautiful, giving the album a dreamy vibe, which finally fades away into oblivion.

Finally, I'd like to say the album is quite a masterpiece, definitely a Blackened Pagan Metal gem you wouldn't regret trying. Moreover, a unique, very genuine and pleasant offering for all the pagan souls out there!
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Stozhary \[Стожари] (Intro)
2. At the Heart of Carpathians \[У серці Карпат]
3. Black Mountain \[Чорногора]
4. Belted by Spirit \[Підперезаний духом]
5. The Gloom \[Морок]
6. From Carpathian Land \[З Карпатського краю]
7. Chuhayster \[Чугайстер] (Outro)
Dmytro Krutyholova - Vocals
Ivan Kulishko - Bass
Eerie Cold - Guitars
Ruen - Keyboards
Lycane - Drums
Record Label: Svarga Music


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