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Pagan's Mind - Heavenly Ecstasy

Pagan's Mind
Heavenly Ecstasy
by Fede "Federock" Taich at 13 June 2011, 4:00 PM

PAGAN’S MINDis a Prog/Heavy metal quintet from Skien, Norway and this is their fifth Studio effort. Let me start this review by talking a little about the Progressive Metal genres. I think that today almost every band that has keyboards, and some odd time bars of music in one of their songs, call themselves Progressive. That is certainly not true. I think that this genre has two different tides. On the one you have the more musically complex bands like DREAM THEATER and SYMPHONY X that are a mix of Metal and other styles of music combining complex song structures, odd time signatures and all that. On the other, you have bands like QUEENSRYCHE and FATES WARNING that are more complex lyrically and structure wise but not so much in the music lines yet more in the overview of the songs.

PAGAN’S MINDis more of the second tide. They have been bringing Heavy Metal riffs and vocals without too traditional arrangements. Of course there are keyboards that have been used very wisely and with much taste on this record and in general in the band's career.Don’t get me wrong, you will still hear some amazing guitar and keys solos and some unison's like on the solo section of “Into The Aftermath”, but the songs are not crazily complex like on DREAM THEATER orSYMPHONY X. Maybe it’s a good thing because this way PAGAN'S MIND can reach a larger crowd.

I will go back to the album. Let me tell you that this time the guys went all the way. The sound production was amazing. The riffs were cool. The vocal lines were awesome and catchy. In overall it’s a fun album to listen to. I especially liked “Walk Away In Silence” that was a very QUEENSRYCHE style song. “The Master’s Voice” is another great one, with a very aggressive verse with a vocal style very similar to Halford's on “Painkiller”.

The one thing that I didn’t like about the album is the similarity to other bands. There were too many songs that felt too much like a tribute to some bands in the vein that I mentioned earlier. Even though PAGAN’S MIND have their unique sound and touch, I still wish to see more exceptional and original music from this great bunch of players. If you like Heavy Metal you’ll love this one.

4 Star Rating

1. Contact
2. Eyes Of Fire
3. Intermission
4. Into The Aftermath
5. Walk Away In Silence
6. Revelation To The End
7. Follow Your Way
8. Live Your Life Like A Dream
9. The Master’s Voice
10. Never Walk Alone
11. When Angels Unite
Nils K. Rue- Vocals
Jorn Wiggo Lofstad- Guitar
Steinar Krokmo- Bass
Stian Lindaas Kristofferssn- Drums
Ronny Tegner- Keyboards
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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