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Pain - Cynic Paradise (CD)

Cynic Paradise
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 29 September 2008, 5:40 PM

What can someone say about Peter Tagtgren? He has been serving the Metal scene as a producer, a composer and a singer through HYPOCRISY, BLOODBATH and of course PAIN. The interesting thing with his works is that they are pretty different between them. Actually, PAIN is a band that can stand by its own as an entire music genre. Sure there are obvious influences from RAMMSTEIN and even DEPECHE MODE but Mr. Tagtgren has really created something new.
Peter started PAIN because he wanted to do something different and the HYPOCRISY moniker could not serve his goal. So, he put up a project one-man and started releasing albums that have little to do with his Death Metal past. Cynic Paradise is the latest Tagtgren offering that came to Metal Temple and eventually reached me for reviewing purposes.
I won't hide behind my finger trying to be objective because not only it would be cheating but it would end as a total failure. Yes, I am a big fan of Tagtgren works and I am actually feeling a little bit bad for missing PAIN on their maiden trip to Greece (I was in the USA).
After four albums I can say that the album kicks in with the trademark PAIN vibe. Electronic sounds and samples welcome the distorted power chords through the teutonic RAMMSTEIN approach. The track is fast and groovy although Peter likes to use monotonous drum tempos that really enhance the industrial atmosphere. What I really love with PAIN is the undertones of blackness and depression that can be found in every corner waiting to consume your feelings. But through the aggressive and most of the times cynical lyrics PAIN pay us back like in Monkey Business where the lyrics say I am not gonna take this shit!. The distinct melodies that stick to your mind can be found in the groovy Follow Me where we found Anette Olzon from NIGHTWISH sharing the vocal duties with Tagtgren. Anette does a second guest appearance in guitar driven Feed Us where I have to admit she does an excellent job fitting her voice in this strange music breed. The album can be considered as the fitting soundtrack to the world we are living; the so many technological advances have made the man's life 'easier' but have complicated his inner self enhancing his dark side making the rule of the jungle a way of living.
Songs that made me press the play button additional times are No One Knows with the catchy chorus, the RAMMSTEIN-like and heavy Have A Drink On Me, the fast drum paced Live Fast-Die Young where I swear I discovered some SISTERS OF MERCY influences and the riff driven Not Your Kind.
Nothing more needs to be said here; Tagtgren continues his trip with the train called PAIN with an album that I think is better than Psalms To Extinction where I thought he had reached a dead end. With this album I can wait a little more for the next HYPOCRISY treat (I hope not too long)!

4 Star Rating

I'm Going In
Monkey Business
Follow Me
Have A Drink On Me
Don't Care
Reach Out (And Regret)
Generation X
No One Knows
Live Fast - Die Young
Not Your Kind
Feed Us
Peter Tagtgren - Vocals, All Instruments
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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