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Palace of the King - Get Right with your Maker

Palace of the King
Get Right with your Maker
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 24 May 2018, 3:08 PM

Formed in late 2012, PALACE OF THE KING - nameless at that point - quickly recorded a three-track demo and developed the vision of a blues-infused rock and roll band. Far from a grave-robbing retro trip, Palace Of The King has just as much in common with RIVAL SONS, GRAVEYARD & JACK WHITE as they do with LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH 7 DEEP PURPLE. The band presents their latest album here, titled “Get Right with your Maker,” which contains ten tracks.

“I am the Storm” leads off the album, with a pretty immediate throwback sound to the late 60’s and early 70’s. The keyboards are thick with vibrato, and the vocals are energetic and take center stage, as the rest of the instruments play a supporting role. They do some exploring in the song as well, tinged with subtle Progressive elements. It’s a strong opening song. “It’s Been a Long Time Coming” sounds like an anthem you might crank with the windows down on a car ride on a warm day. The riff could be something you hear from a bluesy 80’s band, or AC/DC in their more melodic work. The chorus is what nails the song. “Sold me down the River” struts with the confidence of LED ZEPPELIN,” and does not need more cowbell LOL. The vocal harmonies in the chorus are great, and really come to life well.

“A Dog with a Bone” is a funky affair with a groovy swing. It reminds me THE BLACK CROWES at times, with an infectious and raucous energy, and some aggressiveness as well. “Said the Spider to the Bird” opens with more of that smoking keyboard vibrato, and features a mid-tempo rhythm. Lead and rhythm guitars have a strong presence to go along with the vocal swag. “Move through the Fire” has a trippy opening, leading to a lumbering riff and fuzzy heaviness. It has a slightly more doleful sound that some of the more positive offering we heard earlier, but I would not call it a dirge. “The Serpent” opens with guitar wah-wah and features some more prominent keys and vocal harmonies. Another track that swings with a sleazy groove, it’s catchy and accessible. “Horizon” is a bit quicker in pace, and combines some Classic Rock and Blues sounds with brisk and lively vocals. Though I have never seen them live, Henwood’s confidence would surely make him a very entertaining frontman.

To close the album, they do it in grand fashion, with the nine-minute “Back on my Feet again.” It’s a positive anthem of resolve, fueled by an upbeat sound and heavy, fuzzy guitars, with some trippy passages, and another strong vocal performance. In a tale of two passages, the final half of the song is acoustical. Overall, the album is a strong combination of some of the bands mentioned earlier in the opening bio. Though it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, it is done tastefully and with a genuine spirit, diversity in the songs, and a very charismatic sounding frontman.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. I am the Storm
2. It’s Been a Long Time Coming
3. Sold me down the River
4. A Dog with a Bone
5. Said the Spider to the Bird
6. Move through the Fire
7. The Serpent
8. Horizon
9. Fly like an Evil
10. Back on my Feet again
Tim Henwood – Vocals/Guitar
Sean Johnston – Keys/Guitar
Travis Dragani – Drums
Anthony Licciardi – Bass
Record Label: Golden Robot Records


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