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Palace – Reject the System

Reject the System
by Joseph Brewer at 19 April 2020, 2:41 PM

Out of Germany comes the hard-hitting heavy metal act, PALACE. Founded in 1990, this trio of musicians are set to release their eighth album this April, a follow-up to the hit album “The 7th Steel.” Fans of classic 80’s heavy metal will not be disappointed. I know that I am always impressed when I come across an act that has been around for decades and still finds ways to innovate. The goal for this album from the rockers in PALACE was clear: take the core elements of kick ass 80’s heavy metal and give it a modern edge. Together with producer Kai Stahlenberg, they created “Reject the System,” a riff heavy, pounding album that proves that these seasoned rockers are not slowing down.

Advertised as a trio, HP Piller, Tom Mayer, and Harry Reiter of PALACE take center stage in the album. Piller is definitely the focal point of all of this. As the main axe man and lead vocalist, the success of the album falls on his shoulders. After listening to the album a few times, I think he does a killer job at his task. Piller sticks mainly to falsetto, but I wouldn’t call it a clean, pure falsetto. Instead, he injects a distinct rasp at the high end that produces a shriek in most songs. Akin to the metal lord Rob Halford, Piller can wail with the best of them, producing a top shelf wail in the track, “Final Call of Destruction.

The trio of PALACE are not alone, however. Producer Kai Stahlenberg and guitarist Micki Richter (ATROCITY, LEAVES’ EYES) are featured taking turns on lead guitars for each and every track. Starting with the single, “Force of Steel,” PALACE unleashes a majestic metal sound upon the listener that drives forward with heavy riffs and pounding bass. Reminiscent of early METALLICA, after a short creeping intro, a quick, thrashy beat kicks in and Piller regales the listener with a sword-and-steel tale of strength and battle with your sword by your side. “Soulseeker” follows next with PALACE delivering a tale of warning and threats against vile people in the world. Similar to “Force of Steel'' in terms of speed, this is another quality track.

Most of the songs on “Reject the System” are not speedy, finger picking blistering affairs. Instead of speed, they focus more on riffs and power. PALACE are definitely hook heavy, using their power in the verses to charge towards an often quick and memorable chorus line. Some of the songs do not really land, however. “Hail to the Metal Lord,” for instance, is a bit too slow, trite, and generic with the same bits of lyric repeated over and over for a lacking effect. I can’t say that Piller, Mayer, and Reiter of PALACE have redefined the sound of heavy metal, but they are worthy students of that study and have composed a solid album, “Reject the System.

Favorite Songs: “Force of Steel,” “The Faker

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Force The Steel
2. Soulseeker
3. Final Call Of Destruction
4. The Faker
5. Hail To The Metal Lord
6. Bloodstained World
7. Valhalla Land
8. Legion Of Resistance
9. Wings Of Storm
10. No One Break My Will
HP Piller – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tom Mayer – Backing Vocals, Bass
Harry Reiter – Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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