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Pandemonium - Nihilist

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 17 June 2017, 10:17 AM

Since the collapse and end of the old socialist/communist era in 1989, the eastern countries of Europe became great warehouses for Metal bands. The most prominent Metal scene is in Poland. It is because BEHEMOTH and VADER arose and reached success throughout the world (it doesn’t mean that other eastern countries don’t have good scenes and great bands as well). And a contemporary band from these two names is coming once more, to unleash a Death/Black Metal attack: PANDEMONIUM, from Łódź and that is releasing their new full-length, the brutal and morbid “Nihilist”.

Their musical work is a form of what we can call Polish Death/Black Metal, but with a difference between them and their famous compatriots: they prefer to use a sinister and more climatic outfit, forging their songs with slow and brutal tempos, becoming more climatic and bitter, as we could think of BLACK SABBATH playing Death/Black Metal. Yes, this is how I can express what they are doing, and they are truly good! The sound production of “Nihilist” is very good. A totally clean quality would not make their musical work sound as good as this bitter and raw sound, making their songs sound more aggressive and climatic. We can say that the work of Mariusz Konieczny on recording, mixing and mastering couldn’t be better for their work. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll not understand what the quintet is playing. The cover artwork created by Przemysław “Simon” Szymaniak is really excellent as well.

Their songs are truly good, and they will hook you easily. But the brutal strength of “Nations of Slaves”, the rawer and ripping guitar riffs of “Unholy Essence”, the grasping and dirty impact of the funerals called “Temple of Ghouls” (great harsh vocals and bass guitar parts) and “Altar of Life”, and the nasty “In Lord We Trust” (very god drums’ works) can be named as their finest moments. But the entire album is good, so crank it up loud. It’s a very good album, indeed!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Nations of Slaves
2. Unholy Essence
3. The Gate of Bones
4. Temple of Ghouls
5. Altar of Life
6. Quantum Funeral
7. In Lord We Trust
8. Przyjdź królestwo twoje
9. The Darkest Valley
Paul - Vocals, guitars
Mark - Guitars, vocals
Major - Guitars
Michael - Bass
Desecrate - Drums
Record Label: Old Temple Records


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