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Pandorium - The Human Art of Depression

The Human Art of Depression
by YngwieViking at 19 March 2015, 10:07 PM

PANDORIUM is a quartet… They are wild full of juvenile rage, they play some Old Fashioned Thrash with some updated clean sounding production and a lethal dose of speed double kick drumming, melodic Bass playing and technical shredding guitars with demanding harmonized or synchronized parts, they are hailing from Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

The PANDORIUM first album was released on February 15, 2015 by newly active and ambitious label Bret Hard Records.

”The Human Art of Depression" is unusually divided into three chapters, namely "Global Demise"/"A Matter Of The Single Constituent" and "The Ray Of Hope?", in fact very similar to a concept album, which is meant to describe a psychological sequence, this evolution is illustrated under different musical moods, leading to an emotional recovery and finally dealing with the fragility of humankind, its maniacal obsession and the illusion for the unreachable happiness.

If the Modern Death Metal attitude is clearly present in the background, this band has all of the hallmarks of a classic Thrash Metal band and are unapologetic for such things (“Desert Eagle”), but it’s quite far from the retro hype only and this digipak release could be an impressive addition to anyone's Metal collection.

The vocals are clearly the lowest point, being a little monotonous but not as a real weakness, as yet the whole is still efficient and groovy with a strong headbanging method, a real tendencies for complex structures and odd rhythmic patterns ("When Darkness Falls")!

Finally the album, "The Human Art of Depression" is more modern than Old School and PANDORIUM aren't afraid to experiment a little bit (the slower pace of "Sanity's Infirmity" or the bipolar duality in the longest "The Human Art of Depression") but still keeping that spirit of furious riffage and sharp intensity, close to the 80's Bay-Area identity.

Although they are raw and nasty, the young guys in PANDORIUM also shows some melodic flavors (“Restrain and Sustain” the sole track for the act 3), some Keyboards are also heard, even if it's only in the back and more for the harmonic arrangement purpose, once more the syncopated riff mania, is wonderfully displayed in “Striving for Self-Confidence” or with “Marvel Synthetics”… Forget the chemicals, the psychotropics and the pharmaceutic drugs… Open-up a cold beer, put some good Thrash music on, like this album by PANDORIUM; that's all folks!

4 Star Rating

1. Mankind has Failed
2. Desert Eagle
3. From Entirety to Individual
4. Sanity`s Infirmity
5. When Darkness Falls
6. Striving for Self-Confidence
7. Marvel Synthetics
8. The Human Art of Depression
9. Restrain and Sustain

Act 1: Global Demise: tracks 1-3.
Act 2: A Matter of the Single Constituent: tracks 4-8.
Act 3: The Ray of Hope?: track 9.
Schlotti - Bass
Fadil – Lead Vocals/ Guitars
Jannik - Drums
Marvin - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Record Label: Bret Hard Records


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